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Re: Great AP Article - Wiccan Awakening From: David

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  • Angie
    David, There are representatives from both ATC and IIMM on this list. You re right; it s not a question of who has done more or who was first and I don t
    Message 1 of 40 , Dec 26, 2006
      The Pagan Veterans Headstone Campaign


      There are representatives from both ATC and IIMM on this list. You’re right; it’s not a question of who has done more or who was first and I don’t believe either one of those groups will take exception to what Circle’s part in this has contributed to moving things forward. This is a very goal oriented mission and just because the other groups are for whatever reason unable or unwilling to deal with the effort it takes to produce press releases or get them published, conduct interviews, prepare for the legal aspect of this and stay in the public eye does not mean that the ones who are managing to do it should stop or lessen the push out of fear of stepping on someone else’s toes.


      It is incredibly expensive and time consuming to be involved in this effort the way Selena, Roberta and the Lady Liberty League has been.  The articles have not always been accurate or flattering. To endure that frustration while fielding cries of “media whore” and other vile accusations from other Pagans does nothing to help achieve the goal.


      There’s not always time to make decisions by committee especially since it is not always possible to share all of the information we have, publicly.  We will do what it takes to win for as long as it takes and because of the front line position we have we naturally have a better view of how to go about that. I think that achieving the goal is something we can all work toward, recognizing that we may all do it in different ways. Tearing one another down lends nothing to the effort.



      ~Angie Buchanan

      Public Relations Director

      Lady Liberty League






      Re: Great AP Article - Wiccan Awakening

      Posted by: "David" celt3067@...   celt3067

      Mon Dec 25, 2006 8:44 am (PST)

      Circle does refer to the Isis Invicta Military Mission in other press
      releases as well as the efforts of ATC and others. Perhaps it just
      didn't make it in to this particular article.

      One question I have is; what have the other groups done these past 9
      years to let people outside the Wicca/Pagan community know about this
      issue. I still run in to many people both in and out of the
      Wicca/Pagan community who are just now learning about the effort to
      get the Pentacle approved and haven't seen any press coming from ATC
      or other groups regarding their efforts in combination with the ACLU.

      I've even visited the ATC site and don't see anything on their web
      site about what they have been doing to gain support. I also don't
      see anything on IIMM's web site. Don't they want people to know what
      their involvement is?

      At least Roberta and Selena have been willing to be out in the public
      to gain awareness of the issue.

      I don't want this to be a "who has done more" or "who has been trying
      longer" argument but I do wonder what the other groups have done to
      gain political and public support? Have any of these other groups met
      with the VA Secretary, Congressional representatives, or actively
      tried to gain press coverage? If they have, please let it be known.

      We certainly don't need to be devisive in this issue and should work
      together to get the word out and keep it going.


    • Pete Barrington
      Gotcha Connie, That s a great big LIMA-CHARLIE! Cosmo Connie wrote: Hello Kenneth, Cosmo, You guys deploy, you keep in touch if you
      Message 40 of 40 , Jan 3, 2007
        Gotcha Connie,
        That's a great big "LIMA-CHARLIE!"

        Connie <qitty@...> wrote:
        Hello Kenneth, Cosmo, 

        You guys deploy, you keep in touch if you can, ok?! As much as I really want you guys to have a right to your pentacles - I don't want you to be earning them anytime soon. .. got it?!  


        Friday, December 29, 2006, 8:56:10 PM, you wrote:

        Couldn't have said it better bro. Preparing to go back to Kandahar, Afghanistan and yes, we all know we may not come back. Part of the job. We will continue doing our thing in our own way. Cheating the VA and having my 'pentacle" inked on my back before I go.

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