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Re: [Pagan-Headstone-Campaign] Kerry

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  • Rosemary Kooiman
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      I'm sorry, Charles.  rk
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      I was a member of VVAW as well. In fact, I was assistant regional organizer for the Southeastern US. And I was at the same medal turnin. They wouldn't let us anywhere near any monument so we had to throw the damned things over a 12 foot fence topped with barbed wire (I think it was that high, it looked like it).
      The difference between medals and ribbons is slight. Medals hang from ribbons. Medals can only be worn with dress uniforms, the ribbon form is normally worn with Class A's. Watch TV or movies, all the fruit salad you see above the left pocket are ribbons, each standing for a medal. Confused yet?
      I see that a lot of Vietnam vets are speaking out against Kerry because of his involvement with VVAW. They think that this was an action he took against them and the country. I disagree. I have a lot more heart for someone who goes and finds out what is going on and then comes back changed that I do for someone who has no actual first person knowledge. All this is going to do is open old sores, exactly what the people (did I say Republicans?) behind it want it to do; destroy Kerry. That is far easier than trying to explain George W's confusing service record.
      Do I support Kerry? Not really but he is far better than the alternative. Do I think he was a traitor? Absolutely not. Do I think he went overboard with some of his claims? Maybe, but I know of far worse.
      When you get a chance, ask Vietnam veterans you know what Operation Delta, operating out of B-52 on the Cambodian border was. Ask them why a vast majority of those involved were Asian or of Asian descent or at least very short. Ask them why the official uniform was black PJs, weapons were AK-47s, and nothing even hinting at being American was allowed in the compound. Ask them what happened when some district chief thought that some village head man might be working for the other side, or when they hadn't paid protection, or anything else to get on the DC's wrong side. And ask why they always started with the youngest females and worked their way up. And these were American GIs.
      There were a lot of really dirty things that went on. I won't sicken you folks with any more today.

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