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8192ACTON Beltane 2013 is ready

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    Apr 30, 2013
      ACTION Beltane 2013 is ready.
      Looking for more people to interview for the Litha issue, so
      your suggestions are needed.

      ACTION is free to everyone. You can
      read the Beltane issue here.

      First go to http://aren.org/newsletter/index.php

      On that page you will find in the upper right corner two buttons.
      One for before 2011, and one for 2011 and after. Push the 2011
      and after button, then on that page go down to the Ostara 2013
      and click on the latest issue

      Check out the rest of the issues, either [before 2011],
      or [2011 and after] check the two buttons on the upper right

      Here is what we have for you in this Beltane issue.

      Article 1 Page 2,
      Netherlands, Witch and Australia
      Interview with Ria Sommeling
      How does a Dutch woman with three kids follow her husband's
      dream to Australia, learn a new language and become a witch at
      home on the other side of the world?

      Article 2 Page 6 With editors note
      Understanding Asatru/Heathenry:
      There is life after Dan Halloran
      By Eileen Coles
      Surviving scandal, defining the community and its values.

      Article 3, Page 10
      Author, Psychologist, and Druid
      Interview with Philip Carr-Gomm
      The Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids for the last
      twenty-five years has led and leads a busy life. He tells us about it.

      Article 4, Page 16
      Psychology and Druid Therapy
      New Zealand
      Interview with Caroline Williams
      What happens when you blend psychology with Druid practice?
      How is it different for the client?

      Article 5, Page 26
      Whyte Tracks Print & Design revisited
      Interview with Annamarie Skjold Jensen
      Annemarie tells publishing house in Denmark is no longer just
      in Denmark and is now publishing in more languages.

      Page 29
      Editor's note for last article

      Article 6, Page30
      Vandalizing God Posts, Beatings and Murder, Ukraine
      Interview with Dobroslav Girak.
      This is about a very serious situation in Ukraine since 2007.