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8184Witch Hunts still kill hundreds in South Africa

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    Feb 3, 2013
      Stop Witch Hunts in South Africa petition

      We appeal to the members of the Parliament of South Africa, the South
      African Human Rights Commission, and the United Nations High
      Commissioner for Human Rights to:

      a. Acknowledge the extent of human rights abuses committed as a
      result of accusations of witchcraft in South Africa,

      b. Acknowledge the existence of living refugees of accusation,

      c. Adopt public education programmes aimed at eradicating the causes
      of witchcraft accusations,

      d. Train police to manage witchcraft accusations and witch-hunts in a
      way that affirms the dignity of those accused,

      e. Create victim support units to facilitate access to justice, reintegration
      and conciliation for the accused currently forced to live in involuntary exile
      from society