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8175In time for your end of the world reading enjoyment

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    Dec 21, 2012
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      ACTION Yule 2012 is ready.

      Remember that ACTION, the official newsletter of Alternate
      Religious Educational Network, is free to everyone. You can
      read the Yule issue here.

      First go to http://aren.org/newsletter/index.php
      On that page you will find in the upper right corner two buttons.
      One for before 2011, and one for 2011 and after. Push the 2011
      button, then on that page go down to the Yule 2012 and click
      on the latest issue

      With new improvements it should now work on all browsers.
      We have increased bandwidth limits as more people are
      staying longer. We have added some new software for the
      flipping pages so that you can access them on iPhone,
      iPads and other non-Flash capable mobil devices.

      Check out the rest of the issues, either before 2011,
      or 2011 and after check the two buttons on the upper right corner.

      Here is what we have for you in this Yule issue.

      Article 1, Page 2
      Druid,  Scholar, Author, Teacher, Poet 
      Interview with Robin Herne, England
      Robin talks about his take on Druids, locality, poetry and teaching
      and even the Pooka's Pageant.

      Article 2, Page 6
      Wiccan Author, Writers Coach and
      Interview with Mary Caelsto
      Mary talk about being Wiccan, writing pagan based romantic novels,
      publishing and helping other writers learn the ropes.

      Article 3, Page 11
      Embracing Heathenry
      Interview Heathen author Larisa Hunter
      Larisa, discusses her latest book what she was trying to accomplish
      with it and even some new projects.

      Article 4, Page 15
      Wordsmith, Teacher, Publisher and More
      Interview with Kevan Manwaring,
      Kevan talks of being a Bard, being a poet, writer, publisher and
      teaching writer workshops, and a bit on Awen

      Article 5, Page 18
      The Winding Path of a Druid
      Interview with Rev. Christopher Temple
      He talks about being a druid, its purpose in the 21st Century,
      the ADF, and his role in Whispering Lake Grove.

      Article 6, Page 24
      Teacher, Author and Druid
      Interview with Graeme K. Talboys / Scotland
      Graeme talks about his being a teacher both in schools and in
      museums, author and co-author and a solitary Druid.

      Article 7, Page 30
      Re-formed Congregation of the
      Interview with Jade River
      Jade, as a Dianic Elder Priestess, tells us a bit about her part in
      the development of women's spirituality and the Dianic
      Witchcraft movement.