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8122Telepathy VS. Religion

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  • druwinan
    Apr 5, 2012
      Human, who have an abilities to identify external feeling and aliens viewpoint.
      A little bit about this..:)

      The human ability to identify the external impact is negatively valued by
      those, who are seeking to have an easy identifiable individual who would be
      mired in his own autonomy's idea.

      Simbo human without any technology can to hide himself for example by attracting
      to feel an another person or animal. There I remember many funny stories with
      "angels", who examined various another people and showed me, that typo became in a
      very acknowledged as for me..:)
      Not suitable symbio persone for the aliens, who tend to mystify itself, and
      especially tragic - for Christianity's fanatics. Simbo telepathy as a small
      sharing time by time practically destroys the Cristian (Jewish – enough too..) system of "everybody eats
      this one..." (in extreme - eats the one being-boss, or in kalvinism -
      "individual must to eat himself only"…. Or – "to Jewish fith Jewish only…").

      For many aliens species a problem is a human ability to convey another being...
      And so one...
      A Continue is here...

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