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7996Re: When the battle starts again, will you support it?

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    Dec 18, 2010
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      Just got back from my operation.

      Back from surgery. It seems to have gone
      fairly well as far as the operation. A far as
      getting around, I can see better. However
      I will have to await further healing to discover
      if I am going to be able to read with this
      right eye. Things remain rather distorted
      and that may or may stay that way as things
      have been distorted several operations back.

      I see to read much the same with my left eye
      but it gets a little confusing looking at my
      keyboard portion my computer as both eyes
      don't see the same direction or the same way.
      So far it has not bothered me on book reading.
      Now I am just learning about how it affects my
      monitor reading. If worse comes to worse though,
      I can just close my right eye.

      Meanwhile next week I start out again just time
      trying to convince some new doctors how more
      benefits I am going to need as I can see less than
      I did a couple of years ago.

      As to getting your butt busted again. Have you
      developed any reliable people in the media to
      report on what you do. You have to be your own
      PR man, and that includes all the information in
      convenient sound bites if need be. But certainly
      press releases easy enough for the dumbest media

      Very few media people seem to know how, or to bother,
      to research on the story they are writing. So if the
      press release is short and sweet, it just might get
      published as it or repeated as it. You probably know
      all that stuff, as we Pagans have to be just as good at
      handling the media as everyone else is.

      I noticed a few years back the Cherry Hill Seminary
      already sponsored a class in it taught by an old Pagan
      media person.

      But if the media ignores you, no one hear a about what
      you and I as Pagans do, even less likely that the national
      media picks it up. It is one skill that I know is weak in the
      Wiccan community in general through we do have a few
      that are good at making use of the media.

      Every group that hopes to make use of the media needs
      at least one person who is skilled at it and that all media
      is directed to for any questions. This includes giving the
      media a very "guided tour" of what is happening and who
      is doing what.

      Meanwhile if you are going to do something, let me know
      so I can interview you about it. We can at least get it around
      some of the Pagan community here, in Canada, Europe, even
      Russia. Some of those groups might be able to pass it around.
      Networking is part of what i dod, within what readers that I have.

      Blessed Be,


      --- In Pagan-Headstone-Campaign@yahoogroups.com, "charlesparnold" <charlesparnold@...> wrote:
      > Trust me, Chris, I do understand. I am still, 16 years later, still trying to get the VA to recognize my disability claim. So far, as far as they are concerned, I am in perfect health and they still deny my skin condition is a result of Agent Orange, that I do not have PTSD, that the cyst still wrapped around my tailbone doesn't exist, etc.
      > All that being said I will stick to my position that if the VA puts up any fight against Druid or Heathen insignias, at least while we still have this President in office, they will be a pushover. After all, Barack Obama does NOT want his administration seen as being prejudiced against and group, especially a group that is a religious minority, a group that is made up of veterans - some of which HE ordered to Iraq and Afghanistan.
      > As of 2013, if a new President is elected, the situation may shift but I still think we can create such a PR firestorm that no administration can stand against us. And yes, I am still willing to go to DC and get my butt arrested if necessary to get the publicity that the issue may require - and so too are a few others here.
      > Bright and Blessed Yule to All
      > Charles
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