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7993Re: When the battle starts again, will you support it?

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    Dec 14, 2010

      Gee I do hope that you are right. But as I deal
      with the VA many times a year, i tend to be
      skeptical abut any improvement in the VA
      handling anything.

      I am heading in for my fifth eye operation on
      my right eye this week and then next week
      another long distance trip in the opposite direction
      to fight for better benefits. Ironically everything I
      am claiming is in my VA medical records but they
      want to send me to see new doctors that never
      met me to see if my reasons are real. Meanwhile
      sight in my left eye is fading.

      I am getting too old for these five hundred mile,
      two or three day round trips by bus. Then there is
      geting my walker loaded and unloaded.

      Blessed Be,


      --- In Pagan-Headstone-Campaign@yahoogroups.com, "charlesparnold" <charlesparnold@...> wrote:
      > I'm hoping we don't have to go through that again. I really do think that adequate publicity of the issue would do the job.
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