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7990Re: When the battle starts again, will you support it?

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    Dec 11, 2010
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      There I agree with you. The last thing a grieving
      family of a veteran should have to do is then fight
      the VA over what symbol goes on his grave stone.

      So the three of you have shown we still have some
      people at the ready. That is good. Now we are going
      to have to spread the message around so that we
      don't have to rebuild a group to fight when it happens.

      Remember how long it took just to get the Wiccan
      community involved in the fight for the pentacle, or
      even decide which symbol to fight for.

      The Heathen and Druid communities are having much
      the same problem getting their act together and for the
      same reasons. They are no more united than the Wiccan
      community was. So everyone that played a part in the
      Pentacle battle could become an important resources in
      the next one for either the Awen or the Thor's Hammer.

      If the Wiccans can be their for the Heathens and the Druid,
      we might well improve the relationship between
      communities as well. At least with those in those
      communities that see a value in communities working
      together. I know from personal experience that there are
      people of each community that do see a value in working

      There are other people in the fight that helped before,
      including the atheists, the ACLU and People for the Separation
      of Church and State. We have had friend of court briefs from
      religious groups like Buddhists, Hindus, Jewish groups. Some
      of them are also involved in other Pagan rights issues such
      as prisoner rights, such as the case in the California prisons
      system that only honors five religions right now, Catholic,
      Protestant, Jew, Muslim and American Indian.

      There are allies among the liberal Christian groups as well.
      By the way there is a Heathen idea called a gift for a gift.
      It is how they see their relationship with the gods. To get
      something from the gods, you have to give something back.
      It works with allies as well.

      You don't even have to like all the allies. But work with the
      ones you can deal with and it helps us all. This is the reason
      why we have to have ties with the larger communities.

      Of course it also helps if we can do this with members of
      our own community who we may have differences with as well.
      There is a right time and a wrong time to disagree, there are
      right things and wrong things to disagree about. Our mutual
      survival depends on knowing the difference.

      It is like how I do interviews. My opinion is not important.
      I help the person tell their story about what they think is
      important and I leave it to my readers to make up their mind
      what is important and what is true. My job is to get the
      greatest variety of people interviewed so that others will know
      about them and make their own opinions. Networking is my
      service to the gods, and encouragement.

      Each of us has something we can do, something we can give.
      That ability may be far more important then we will ever know
      and may influence far more people than we will ever know
      about. We are each part of the over all pattern, act or not act
      and the pattern changes.

      As I believe in reincarnation, I remind myself each day, I am
      creating the world I will next be born into . Will it be better, or
      worse or much the same as the one I live in today.

      Blessed Be,

      Meanwhile fighting a cold, trying to get my Yule issue out before,
      I head off for the much delayed eye surgery, next week. So off to bed.

      --- In Pagan-Headstone-Campaign@yahoogroups.com, "wolf_kells" <heather.greywolf@...> wrote:
      > ABSOLUTELY, Christopher.
      > The only reason that there has been a lack of action on my part at the moment is because of the V.A.'s stance on the fact that a soldier has to die first (which I personally think is a B*LLSHIT excuse to delay the approval of ANY religious symbol).
      > Other than that, I remain on standby.
      > Peace,
      > Heather Fairfield
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