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7984When the battle starts again, will you support it?

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    Dec 9, 2010
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      At some point I would imagine that we will
      lose a Heathen or a Druid soldier. When
      that happens the grieving family will then be
      allowed to petition the VA for the Thor's
      Hammer or an Awen.

      As of right now there is no evidence that either
      is going to be any easier to get than the original
      battle for the Pentacle. As of right now, the number
      of Heathens and Druids is smaller than Wiccans,
      they are going to need a lot of support from us,
      just as they gave support for the fight for the

      They face some of the same problems as both
      Heathens and Druids are highly independent and
      not often united about anything. I would imagine
      the VA remains the VA, and relatively unchanged
      since the battle of the Pentacle.

      So my question remains, when the battle starts
      will you be supporting the Heathens and the Druids.

      The long silence on this issue is disturbing to me.
      I hope this is not the we got ours, and the hell for
      anyone else.

      As fir my part, I will write up the battle in ACTION
      and will personally help in whatever ways that I am

      Meanwhile I hope the scheduled eye operation gives
      me some reading ability with my right eye, because the
      left eye continues to fade.

      Blessed Be,

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