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7894Re: Curious, anyone interested in going back to the original purpose of this sit

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  • Charles P. Arnold
    May 13, 2009
      --- In Pagan-Headstone-Campaign@yahoogroups.com, "Christopher Blackwell" <myrddin@...> wrote:
      > charles,
      > thanks for the information. I thought the idea of charging people was wrong, but it is sincerely believed by one of the people pushing for the hammer symbol and she gets quite upset when I say other wise.

      Suggest to her that she take the time to ask the VA directly. A headstone is a guaranteed benefit and it is free. If you want to use a symbol already approved, that, too, is free. If you want to include a symbol that is not approved there is only one consequence, the VA will not supply such a headstone. And if the grave is in a federal or most state veterans cemeteries, such a stone will not be allowed to be placed.

      > I will like to see how the VA actually handles the first case of eathr a heaten or a Druid. That will be the test of the reality.

      That is exactly what it will be and we are ALL waiting to see if they will follow through as promised. And if they don't, I, for one, do not plan to start at the beginning all over again but to take this struggle up exactly where I left off with the opening salvo being public protests and demonstrations at the VA, action brought through my local VFW Post and LOTS more.

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