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  • Eric Roberts
    May 3, 2009
      I agree...they are a bit thick headed.  Maybe they need another ass whooping in the courts ;-)  It makes no sense to have to wait till someone dies.  Why not get it approved (not that it should have to be approved...I think they forgot about the whole 1st amendment thing) before hand so the family only has to deal with buring thier loved one?  I still have major issues with them saying they have the right to determine oif a religion is frivolous.  I must have missed that day in Constitution clas that said the 1st Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, unless it is a frivolous one...

      On Sat, May 2, 2009 at 10:08 AM, Christopher Blackwell <myrddin@...> wrote:


      Glad to hear that. It looks like the VA has not learned
      much from the Pentacle quest. They still have not implemented
      the new rules, which I believe was required within six
      months by that court order.

      Also the same excuse of not being able to do anything
      about making a decision until a vet dies. No one should
      have to fight the VA while grieving the death of a loved one.

      Now I am hearing that the new rules, may allow any non
      profit religious organization to request an emblem. I hope so.

      I have not heard of new progress from the Druid in getting
      their Awen symbol approved. Though I am going to have to ask
      some of the few Druid that I know about that.

      I intend to do articles on both as they develop. Seems like the
      least that I can do. Once each religion has one emblem then
      the way for variations, such as the Christians have may open.

      Blessed Be,


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      > Already there ;-)
      > Eric

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