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7873Re: Curious, anyone interested in going back to the original purpose of this sit

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    May 3, 2009

      Way to go. networking information is
      something that we all can do. Lets face
      it we all have different forums we like
      so if each can forward to their forums
      we will cover a lot.

      I haven't checked in a couple of days,
      but I recall the petition was nearing a
      thousand signatures last I looked. I was
      signature number 9. I even beat Judy
      Floyd who has been busy getting things
      organized. I am hoping to have an
      interview with their group in the Litha
      issue of ACTION.

      By the way any of the articles in ACTION
      can be republished where people think
      they might do the most good. I have
      already told Judy that I am willing
      to publish as many articles on the
      Hammer Project as I did for the
      earlier Pentacle Quest.

      I want to send copies of them to the Druids
      to see if that may help them in their task of
      getting more organized for their Awen project,
      unnamed as of now. As with the pentacle quest,
      getting the start on getting organized is just as
      difficult for other groups for the same reasons.

      So they too need to know that there are others
      willing to back them to the hilt. There are going to
      be frustrations and mistakes even as there were
      in the fight for the pentacle. So other communities
      will need the same encouraegment Wiccans needed.

      Heathens and Druids worked on the fight for the pentacle,
      so as a Wiccan I have an personal honor debt to pay back..

      So thank you for networking out the information. That
      is how a grass roots movement gets launched. Food going.

      Blessed Be,

      --- In Pagan-Headstone-Campaign@yahoogroups.com, "Heather" <heather.greywolf@...> wrote:
      > Not only have I already signed the Hammer Project's petition, I have already forwarded the information on to 2 other yahoo groups I'm involved in, as well as all of my Pagan friends and acquaintances. The information is also being published on The Pagan Institute's website, as far as I know.
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