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7775Re: [Pagan-Headstone-Campaign] Analyzing the lastes VA proposal

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  • Connie
    Nov 10, 2008
      Re: [Pagan-Headstone-Campaign] Analyzing the lastes VA proposal

      Hello Charles,

      I'm writing up a blog post for Veteran's Day. Actually, I plan on posting it today to get people thinking about Veteran's day - before they run off to enjoy a free day off and go shopping etc. 

      Just thought it would be a good time to get people to reflect about important changes - and I might as well take a little of the light that Obama has been shining around and use it for our soldiers. 

      I plan on linking to the VA page and http://www.circlesanctuary.org/liberty/veteranpentacle/QuestStorySummary.htm - why repeat the whole story when it can be read in detail here. I looked in the PHC Yahoo groups links folder, but a lot of the links are broken. 

      Any ideas or suggestions would be great, I will also be happy to add 'follow-ups' to the blog post from guest writers with something to add (please email at qitty1@... ) or feel free to add comments on my post: http://whaleears.blogspot.com the post will be titled, "Freedom of Religion in the US - it's about time" .. mine is a small blog, but might as well do what I can to get the concept out there.. bit by bit... as a Druid, I hope to have an Awen one day... don't plan on dying for it anytime soon though. But I hope, by the time I pass on, my family will not have to fight for a marker. 

      Have a blessed Veterans Day


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