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7752Re: [Pagan-Headstone-Campaign] Digest Number 1300

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  • Georgia Langley
    Aug 7 7:53 AM
      Hi De,
      Sure that would be great.  Thanks for offering to do this.

      On 8/7/08, De <desawitch@...> wrote:

      Hi all...this is De.
      I am a member of a Pagan page/group on line called PaganSpace.net, they have a ton of service men and women that use the site and their famlies use it also.  I was wondering if you guys thought I should put a little about this group on my page and put a link from that page to this one?  I'm bringing it up because there have been several discussion that have taken place about what symbols will/won't be allowed on their headstones.
        Please  give me a little advice and let me know what would be the eaasiest and fasted way to do it.
        Thanks and Blessings to all.  Love, light and hugs...BB...De

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