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7465Re: Lets Shop at Sears

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  • Stormy
    Jun 3, 2007
      I work at one of the Sears and think it is a good thing. We have a
      couple of folks right now who work for us who are military and they go
      TDY for a while and come back and they haven't lost a thing.
      The company is into diversity and have open GLBT folks as well.
      I have yet to see about starting a Pagan thing there, and if I
      transfer to another Sears when I move from KS to AZ, I might.

      Grins and Hugs

      > I did go and check it out, because I have gotten things in the past
      that say they are checked out and they aren't. This one is true, for a
      change. Three cheers for Sears!
      > Mama Cat
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