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6727RE: Re[4]: [Pagan-Headstone-Campaign] prayers please

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  • Rev. Eric Roberts
    Jan 3, 2007
      I used to have those when I was a kid...Hopefully she heals up quickly!

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      To: Rev. Eric Roberts
      Subject: Re[4]: [Pagan-Headstone-Campaign] prayers please

      Hello Eric,

      Wednesday, January 3, 2007, 3:25:10 AM, you wrote:


      Any word yet on what was wrong?  That's pretty scary when things like that happen to your kids.



      sigh... no! She's fine! She did have signs of a possible viral infection - so it could actually have been a febrile seizure, an abnormal one, but that's what they'd decided the first one probably was. And given family history (of febrile seizures and never doing anything half-way when going to the extremes is much more exciting), etc. It really made sense. She's been a little ill the last couple of days - diarreah, ick - but is it from getting cooties from her brother who had a bad bout recently? Or effects of stress on the body (from the seizure) and the meds? Or the hospital environment or food!?! 

      We will likely see the neurosurgeon on Saturday (yea, weird hours) and find out the results of the thyroid tests (apparently hypothyroidism in little ones can cause this kind of thing - who knew?!) and arrange for an EEG. We are likely looking at a medevac to Europe or back to the US for a thorough work-up. Hopefully we can get an answer - if it is the thyroid, or epilepsy, or just really mean febrile seizures(!). .. we want to know, and want to make sure we are treating her right. Our local doctor says he is very much against 'shotgun' medicine - ie. throw a bunch of meds and hope one hits - and I am very grateful for that. We don't want her having these dangerous seizures, but we don't want to hurt her with drugs either - she's only 3!  

      So, while I am very relieved that nothing is wrong - obviously something is! and that is tough. She's continuing the anti-seizure meds, and so I feel safe/comfortable enough to sleep at night (except for all the times I wake up and run down the hall to check on her - in between those time, I can sleep) but I will be anxious until we understand what's going on.

      I'll let you guys know when we know something (:-) 



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