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6542Re: Fwd: RE: RELEASE Public Dedication of Sgt. Stewart's Plaque with Pentacle

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    Dec 8, 2006

      I am glad you have an idea where your are now going. Never did hear back from
      people of the other group I mentioned so I would guess none of them have letter
      friends in that area.

      Yes it is a bit frightening how fast things move from yesterday to history and even
      ancient history. Wait until you see documentaries on things you have lived though
      and they barely resemble anything you recall of the time.

      Blessed Be,


      --- In Pagan-Headstone-Campaign@yahoogroups.com, Pete Barrington <lordtracker@...>
      > LOL!
      > That's precious!
      > That's like (in railroad terms,) the first passenger diesel locomotives that were made
      specifically for AMTRAK, that wer all so "Ew-too modern" looking, and are now retired!
      > In other news, I found out that the Ft. Suse detachment is a "TIF" (Thearter Intrnment
      Fac.) and the DET. has moved to new facilities in the South, near border w/ Kuait, and
      near, but not TOO close to Bosra.
      > I'll let you know more later.
      > Cosmo
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