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  • Charles P. Arnold
    Jul 1, 2006
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      If you don't belong to AOL you may have missed the article that they
      headlined on Ed Hubbard opening his Witch School. I'm not going to bore
      you with infor on the article but I do want to bring up some survey
      numbers as they may have a direct effect on our campaign.

      When asked if the throught that Wicca was : dangerous, harmless, or
      great; 44% of respondents replied that they thought we were harmless.
      But 43% still found us to be dangerous. When asked whether their
      feelings on the opening of a Wiccan school in their town/city, 36% said
      thet they wouldn't care but 49% were quite clear when they picked "NO,"
      they would not want one.

      We still live in a society where we are barely tolerated by the
      majority but winning our campaign would actually be a step toward
      changing that. In fact, our very campaign, showing people that we serve
      our country in uniform will change that.
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