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928 Repair in Portland

The new owner of Gary Knox's '94 GTS (that he just drove here from the Philly area), Robert Katz, is looking for a repair shop in the Portland area to fix a
10:11 PM

Adding eyes and brains to my problem on the 85..

http://rennlist.com/forums/928-forum/875804-high-warm-idle-85-32v.html Last post, is very interesting. If I pinch the hose that feeds the ISV, where the !@&$*
Jeff Mohler
8:06 PM

Re: Exotics @ RTC Porsche Day June 6, 2015

Greetings Bill! Yes I plan on being at RTC and then tour out to the Snoqualmie Casino for the car show. Michael and Maurice are planning to go too. If you’re
    Adrian Earl Johnson
    8:03 PM
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    9:43 AM

    Re: '79 needs electrical work done

    Might want to check the ground strap to the battery. Sent from my NEC TERRAIN™, a 4G LTE smartphone from AT&T
    mike fraggle
    May 29

    Re: '79 needs electrical work done

    Pierre, next time that happens try reaching up behind the ignition cylinder and see if the plug has slid away a bit. Rob Sent from my iPhone
    Rob Fossett
    May 27

    Re: '79 needs electrical work done

    I had the same problem a while ago, and found out that the Temp 2 sensor cables were loose, pushed them all the way in and started right away.  I hope this
    Pierre Wakim
    May 27

    Re: '79 needs electrical work done

    Oh yea, Last time I had an issue with jump starting my track car, it too took my other car running full rpm (and the jumper wires were really hot).. Ended up
    May 27

    Re: '79 needs electrical work done

    Hey Cristopher, long time for sure... sorry you are still having issues with the starter. As you know, I'm not an electrical expert, but on your 928, I'd bet
    May 27

    Re: '79 needs electrical work done

    Where were you putting on the jumper cables? I this the only issue you think it has? On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 5:34 PM, Cristopher Claeys ... -- ... Gustatus
    Jeff Mohler
    May 27

    '79 needs electrical work done

    Hi all, My '79 has a lot of trouble starting. Last time I got it started I had to use two cars to jump it. I took the starter to a starter specialist and they
    Cristopher Claeys
    May 27

    '85 for sale in PDX - funky rims

    I haven't seen this one for sale before. Check out the (early) 931 rims. 6" wide, smaller slots, separate air fill holes. (I only know this because I have a
    May 27

    Re: misc. 928 parts [1 Attachment]

    I also have an Autopower race roll bar that I bought back in the day from Devek. It has the welded diagonal and harness bars. It is in great condition. $500
    Thomas Moore
    May 25

    Re: misc. 928 parts [1 Attachment]

    For Sure: Oel cap Dipstick Chiltons Put me in line first for.. Jack Pump (where do those go in the 928?) On Mon, May 25, 2015 at 3:47 PM, John
    Jeff Mohler
    May 25

    Re: misc. 928 parts [1 Attachment]

    Interested in the hatch release. John V. ... Interested in the hatch release. John V. On May 25, 2015, at 6:26 PM, Thomas Moore tmoore@...
    May 25
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