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Re: 1985 Porsche 928S Motor Week Video

Love mine😉 Sent from my iPhone ... Love mine😉 Sent from my iPhone On Jun 23, 2015, at 12:25 PM, Eddie Boyd woodsrider@... [PacNW928]
Rob Fossett
Jun 23

Re: 1985 Porsche 928S Motor Week Video

One thing with all U.S car magazines is GM/Ford/Chrysler spend allot of money advertising so they are all a little biased. To: PacNW928@yahoogroups.com From:
James Brown
Jun 23

Re: 1985 Porsche 928S Motor Week Video

Very interesting but I've always found Motorweek's stuff borderline boring. And yes, their comments on the handling, especially the rear end comments, don't
Eddie Boyd
Jun 23

1985 Porsche 928S Motor Week Video

Saw this link to this video on PCA e-mail recently:
Keith Martin
Jun 23

Re: 928 Repair in Portland

I've taken my audio and S4 to Allen for over 10 years, very knowledgeable 928 guy. A & P SPECIALTIES, Portland, OR Randy S. On Jun 3, 2015 6:10 PM,
Randy Stewart
Jun 3

Re: 928 Repair in Portland

Like Neil, I have used A&P last 20 years. Phone contact: 503-254-7310 Honest and reasonable. Andy, Vancouver WA 88 S4 78 911SC Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S™
Jun 3

Re: 928 Repair in Portland

I have used Alan Blanchard exclusively for my 87 S4 since he solved some issues that other shops caused on my 944. Alan is at A&P just off of 82nd and Stark SE
Jun 3

Re: S4 parts car on CL

I still have front and rear covers from my Venetian Blue 88. If someone gets this 87, happy to donate. Looks like a bit of work. I also have a freebie
Jun 3

Re: Digest Number 4635

Always looking for shops I can recommend to this page: http://www.928motorsports.com/parts/superinstall.cfm No charge to be listed for them. Let me know who I
Carl Fausett
Jun 3

Re: 928 Repair in Portland

Stuttgart in Lake Oswego is also 928 savvy. I took a couple of my 928’s there for multiple procedures. Mike Jordan there is very knowledgable. Tom Moore
Thomas Moore
Jun 2

Re: 928 Repair in Portland

I try to do most of the work on my GTS myself, so I haven't used a repair shop very much, but I've had good luck with Motorsports International. The owner has
Jun 2

928 Repair in Portland

The new owner of Gary Knox's '94 GTS (that he just drove here from the Philly area), Robert Katz, is looking for a repair shop in the Portland area to fix a
Jun 1

Adding eyes and brains to my problem on the 85..

http://rennlist.com/forums/928-forum/875804-high-warm-idle-85-32v.html Last post, is very interesting. If I pinch the hose that feeds the ISV, where the !@&$*
Jeff Mohler
Jun 1

Re: Exotics @ RTC Porsche Day June 6, 2015

Greetings Bill! Yes I plan on being at RTC and then tour out to the Snoqualmie Casino for the car show. Michael and Maurice are planning to go too. If you’re
    Adrian Earl Johnson
    Jun 1
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    Jun 1
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