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Intelligence Failure vs Brain Deads, Gujarat $266/Cap. Ind. Prod

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  • Ravinder Singh
    Intelligence Failure vs Brain Deads, Gujarat $266/Cap. Ind. Prod February22, 2013   Opposition is totally dead brained is illustrated by the fact that Gujarat
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2013

    Intelligence Failure vs Brain Deads, Gujarat $266/Cap. Ind. Prod

    February22, 2013


    Opposition is totally dead brained is illustrated by the fact that Gujarat led by its poster boy Narendra Modi registered just $16b secondary of Industrial Sector SGDP stagnant since 2009-10 at $266 per capita when Indians and foreigners pumped in over $40b to $50b over three years. In other words Infusion of 25% Bank Credits growth annually in to Gujarat Industry contributed to Negative 1% Industrial growth since last three years beginning 2009-10. Gujarat is experiencing severe drought 2012-13.


    None of the news channels and opposition parties took the responsibility of First causing countrywide Economic Blockade we call BANDH blocking all economic activities that also resulted in over Rs.25,000 crores economic loss directly and 4X more considering it dented India’s image as Investment Destination. Second Hyderabad blasts happened when police across the country was fully stretched in managing Economic Blockade of the country.


    Nowhere in the world such a thing happen on nationwide scale when India is bigger many times than most countries.


    It was such a shame when 850 million farming population – and labor had not seen any real value improvement in their income for ages – farm labor are paid not even Rs.100 per day that too for few weeks in a year and a farmer family barely earning Rs.10,000 annually and experience drought every third year when they harvest just enough to feed themselves it was horrendous White Collar employees demand substantial increase in their salaries.


    Brain Deads Modis, Sushma, Jaitely, Sinha and Rajnath lie for over 18 years about India Shining and Sushan when Gujarat secondary sector GDP is barely $16b and not even $266 per capita stagnant for three years when Gujarat organized Six Vibrant Gujarat Summits signed over $1500b worth MOU and for three years beginning 2009-10 Gujarat secondary sector was dead stagnant in spite of pumping in of over $40b.


    The only Industries functioning in Gujarat are Modis Lie Factory at Chief Minister office.


    ·        Gujarat Per Capita Income Growth 4.7% At Constant Prices 2011-12.

    ·        $266 Per capita Gujarat Industrial GDP ($16b / 60m)

    ·        Even this $266 per capita income is derived from mostly polluting industries.



    1.5 The per capita income at 2004-05 prices registered an increase of 4.7 per cent

    compared to an increase of 7.2 per cent during the year 2010-11. At 2004-05 prices, the per capita income increased from Rs 36342 in 2010-11 to Rs 38037 in 2011-12. At the current prices, the per capita income in the year 2011-12 is estimated to be Rs 61564 compared to Rs 54151 in 2010-11.



    2.15 According to the provisional result of Annual Survey of Industries 2011, total number of factories in the state increased from 15576 in 2009-10 to 21282 in 2010-11 which shows that the race of industrialization has been very rapid in the state in the recent past. As a result of rapid industrialization a value of the factories production increased from 643 thousand crore in 2009-10 to 807 thousand crore in 2010-11 at current prices recording an increase of more than 25 percent. At the same time the fix capital generated by the factories increase from around 240 thousand crore to 272 thousand crore reflecting an increase of more than 13 percent. However after taking into account the input cost and depreciations the net value added by the factories sector decreased marginally from around 90 thousand crore in 2009-10 to around 89 thousand crore in 2010-11.


    3.13 As per the second advance estimates for the year 2012-13 the production of total foodgrains and total oil seeds are estimated at 7156 thousand tonnes and 3828 thousand tonnes respectively. THIS IS 30% FALL – COULD BE MORE. [As per the final estimates, production of foodgrains during 2011-12 is estimated at 92.57 lakh tonnes compared to 100.71 lakh tonnes last year. The production of cotton was 103.75 lakh bales of 170 kg. each during the year 2011-12. This is 5.50 lakh bales above the record production of 98.25 lakh bales of 170 kg. each in 2010-11. The production of oil seeds is estimated at 50.35 lakh tonnes during the year 2011-12 against the production of 51.42 lakh tonnes during the year 2010-11.]


    Table-3.2 - Details of Irrigation Potential – Potential of SSP is 18 lakh hectares, potential created was just 5.59 lakh hectares and actual use was 1.93 lakh hectares. Not even 5% to 6% this drought year.


    24 hour Nonsense of Modis, Sushma, Sinha and Rajnath had not made India great in last 18 years since they assumed significant political role in India or since 1973 onwards when they plunged in to Opposition Role.


    Why can’t Opposition Parties Spell Out their Political & Economic Agenda?


    Why can’t they let Qualified & Skilled replace them the Brain Deads?


    Ravinder Singh



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