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  • odhikar
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2012
      From: Mohiuddin Ahmad <mohi2005@...>
      Date: Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 9:12 AM
      Subject: Indian Visa
      To: saape_core_committee < saape_core_committee@yahoogroups.com>

      Indian Visa

      I applied online for Indian visa on 5 February. I got a date for submission of visa application on 15 Feb (token no. BGDD08251612). On 15 Feb, after waiting for about two hours (travel time not counted), I submitted the visa application and got a token no. BGDDQ5659012 BGD. I was informed to report to the visa center to collect my passport on 19 Feb at 1630. While On way to the visa centre on 19th, I got a phone call that I don't need to go to the visa center. Instead I should come to the High Commission on 21 February at 1000 for an 'interview'.
      21 is a public holiday and is commerated as a myrter's day throughout the country (in rememberence of those who werte killed in 1952 for demanding Bangla as a state language). All offices were closed in Dhaka except the Indian High Commission. I went to the High Commission and after waiting for over one hour, I was called by a person in Room 101 in the first floor. I saw my passport and visa application on his table. So He knows my name. He did not introduce himself to me. So let's call him Jhunjhunwala.
      Jhunjhunwala asked about the purpose of my trip. I answered that I want to visit the cemetary of Hazrat Nijamuddin, and that's all. First he could not identify who was Nijamuddin. I was rather surprised to know this. Then I had to explain it for few minutes. He was staring at one page of the passport where there is a Pakistani visa stcker of 2009, though I visited Delhi in the following year. He asked me many irrelevant questions. Then he came up with his final blow,"Bring a letter from your employer that you won't engage in any subversive activity in India". I said, my employer cannot guarantee this. I provided all the documents you had asked for. If you trust me, you can give me the visa. I also have an Indian reference (I used name and address of Rukmini in my visa application.). But he didn't change his mind.
      I told Jhunjhunwala that I had already visited your visa centre and embassy twice and lost almost two days because of the traffic. I cannot repeat it two more times. My employer is now out of station. But he remained unmoved.
      Then I calculated my days and found that the earliest I can vsit him with the said letter not before 26 February. And I am not sure when he can deliver me the passport. Because I could not trust him anymore. I had a flight booking on 27 Feb  at Jet Air. So I asked him politely, Sorry, please return my passport. He returned it and I returned home with my son who was waiting outside the High Commission. He was worried, because he assumed I might have been grilled by intelligence people.
      This is the end of the story.
      I cannot join you.

      Have a good meeting and keep me informed. I'll be happy to assist you in any process you consider me capable of, including reshaping Indian mindset and geography.


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