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human rights defender Gopen sharma of West Bengal again arrested

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    PEOPLE S WATCH ANDHRA PRADESH Friend S, Today at about 12.30 pm Mr. Gopen Sharma was arrested by the 2nd Fast Tract Court at Beharampore, Murshidabad
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      Today at about 12.30 pm Mr. Gopen Sharma was arrested by the 2nd Fast Tract Court at Beharampore, Murshidabad district, West Bengal.
      "Fault" / "crime" of Gopen is this that he was taking note of the name of the court from the name plate pasted outside the courtroom.
      Please do needful.

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      12 June 2007


      Mr. Gopen Chandra Sharma s/o Late Gopal Chandra Sharma a human rights defender working with different capacity and actively associated with our organization, MASUM and now working as a District Human Rights Monitor for Murshidabad with the National Project on Preventing Torture in India has been arrested by the order of the 2nd Fast Track Court, Baharampur, Murshidabad, today on 12/6/07 at around 12.30 p.m. Gopen was an accused in a fabricated criminal case having Jalangi Police Station number 25/05 dated 04/02/05 under sections 498A/307/34 of Indian Penal Code.  The case was fabricated for his involvement with human rights and torture related issues of the area, where he informed various incidents of inhumane torture of police and Border Security Force.


      It is crystal clear that Gopen has now become victim of wrath of lower judiciary for apparently no offence committed by him. To collect the name of any presiding officer from outside the court room is not found to be commission of any offence according to the law of land. Such act of the presiding officer is required to be scanned strictly under legal parameter.


      We want to refer that recently he spent more than a month inside the prison due to such kind of fabricated charges framed by local police, he was released by the interference of High Court, Calcutta.


      Incidentally Gopen Sharma was also working with a project of UNDP and Ministry of Law and Justice programme. On the time of his arrest by the sitting judge of 2nd Fast Track Court, Baharampur, Murshidabad, he was collecting name of the Judge from the displayed name plate outside of the courtroom.


      While Gopen was collecting the information somehow he came into the notice of sitting judge of the said court (2nd Fast Track Court, Baharampur, Murshidabad ) and he asked Gopen why he was collecting these information. The sitting judge was not satisfied with his truthful answer and he consequently ordered for his arrest and asked the police party present in the court room to take him to the custody.


      Then the police party informed local police station i.e. Beharampore PS. Mr. Gopen was taken to custody of Beharampore PS. We, MASUM contacted Beharampore PS and talked with the police officers and was informed that Gopen was now in their custody. MASUM contacted senior lawyers of the district and sessions judges' court. Police of Beharampur PS informed MASUM that Gopen will be released after furnishing bail bond. When asked, police informed us that till now (2pm) they did not registere any complaint against Mr. Gopen.


      This shameful and arrogant action of arresting a human rights activist in regular interval under false and fabricated cases is a constant harassment to an individual that is against the normal practice of natural justice; a right guaranteed under the Constitution.


      This is also a grave violation of United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders under the resolution number 53/144 adopted by Genaral Assembly on 9th December 1998. 


      We strongly demand immediate release of the human rights defender, Mr. Gopen Chandra Sharma.


      (Abhijit Datta)

      Secretary, MASUM

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