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51659Ministerial strength can and should be reduced

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    Mar 19, 2014

      Ministerial strength can and should be reduced


      It is significan to note that Bihar government could work as before even after a large number of ministers belonging to BJP quit after break-up of JD(U) and BJP alliance long time back without any new addition done to replace BJP ministers by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Running a government with BJP-ministers out of Bihar-ministry for so long proves that ministry-size is kept large for political requirements and not for any administrative efficiency. Many-a-times Ministers of State (Mos) both at centre and in states have often complained to Prime Minister/Chief Minister about negligible or nil work assigned to them by their senior ministers of Cabinet rank, further establishing wastage of public-funds on surplus number of ministers.


      Original recommendations of Administrative reforms Commission for having ministerial-strength just ten-percent of strength of lower House should be adopted rather than fifteen-percent as at present.



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