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51648National Tragedy – No Debate on Economic Po licy 16th Lok Sabha

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  • Ravinder Singh
    Mar 19, 2014
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      National Tragedy – No Debate on Economic Policy 16th Lok Sabha
      March20, 2014
      The Secretary General,
      Ms. Annie Joseph,
      News Broadcasters Association
      New Delhi 110087  
      When the Economic Policies of a Developed Country are debated in every minute detail in run up to the elections and political parties hire Experts to present their Economic Thinking, USA has scores of hits just for last elections, but not a single ECONOMIC issue is discussed in News Media and every Criticism is SWEPT under the carpet. http://goo.gl/WycOcZ , http://goo.gl/EpK6v4
      News Media in run up to the Elections Discuss ‘1962 War or Sardar Patel’ than Poverty, Hunger, Unemployment, Farmers Issues, Tax Evasions, Low Spending on Education & Healthcare, Dams, Irrigation, Power, Absent Research & Development, Industry Competitiveness, Bank Credit to All, Collapse Stock Exchanges in Raising Capital, Middlemen in Everything. 
      Our bigger tragedy is that for Indian News Media the same Anchors who covered Rape Cases, Riots, Scams, Petty Issues also double up as ANCHOR for Political debates.
      The Obama vs. Romney Debate on Economic Growth:
      A Citizen’s Guide to the Issues
      - The CBO estimates that Ryan’s voucher provision, on average, would cost seniors an additional $6,400 for Medicare.
      - Obama’s Position. Explaining that Social Security and Medicare are “critical safety nets for American seniors,” Obama’s Plan says that he will “fight for balanced deficit reduction, and extend the life of Medicare and Social Security, without ending guaranteed benefits or slashing benefits.
      - In the 1990’s after the top marginal rate was raised from 35% to 39.6%, the economy experienced the greatest period of growth since the Great Depression.
      -  President Obama would reinstate the estate tax and the generation skipping tax at their 2009 levels. As explained in the Treasury’s Green Book: “The top tax rate would be 45 percent and the exclusion amount would be $3.5 million for estate and GST taxes, and $1 million for gift taxes.”
      NBA should seriously DISCUSS Poll issues than place Reporters with OB Vans outside every party office or party leader.
      Even when they Invite some Experts they are Invariably Dullards or Misfits – A Chartered Account talks on Water Power and Technology or Economic Issue.
      Ravinder Singh*
      Inventor & Consutant
      Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects.