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51645Is Putin's act of hegemony in annexing Crimea calls for sanctions?

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  • R.K kutty
    Mar 19, 2014
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      Is Putin’s act of hegemony in annexing Crimea calls for sanctions?

      To answer it either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is merely a cut in thin air, as what really had happened in the referendum when the Crimeans voted so massively to join the Russian mainland is still unclear. Critiques say that the Russian army was present in Crimea and was holding complete control of the situation. While Ukraine’s leadership totally was dependent on the US and other western allies, they were non-resistent against the Russian army that took control in Crimea, as they didn’t prefer a bloody conflict but to sort out matters through international law and justice. From the Russian leadership’s swift action to mobilize their heavy artillery and forces in large numbers shows they were planning for such an eventuality for quite long. Whereas, the US, E.U and other western countries could only woke up to that reality when Putin’s forces already entered Crimea. That shows the US intelligence or its otherwise popular networks of information gathering nearly failed or rather they took it only halfheartedly. In any case, the Crimean referendum only shows the people’s will to secede from Ukraine and join mainland Russia due to linguistic, ideological and other affinity which cannot be questioned.

      What really baffles US President Barak Obama and his western allies is that despite their warning to Putin, the Russian President proved quite decisive in his pursuit and that he was aware of the consequence too. But, then, the problem lies elsewhere. In a severe energy crunch world, oil and natural gas are such valuable commodities which the Russians supply massively to the European Union and other western allies. More-over, the Russians hold massive reserves in the US Treasury which, when they withdraw, the US economy would be put in severe strain. The Chinese too show their hegemony just because of this reason only. Putin is just waiting for the so called sanctions against Russia or some of its popular leaders, to cripple the E.U. countries and other western allies to face the music in the way of cutting oil/gas supplies. Putin’s popularity is soaring high after the Crimean annexation. He cannot, in any way, lose control of the Black Sea coast for strategic interest and with Crimea on its side, Russia is strategically more strong now to keep complete control of the Black Sea fleets to challenge any threat to its sovereignty. 
      What is making the US President or its Secretary of State in losing control of the international scenario, one after the other, is something to ponder over. What happened in the Syrian situation is known to all. Even though President Assad in Syria agreed to part with some of his chemical weapon stockpiles in exchange of peace after that barbaric act of gasing to death of his own innocent people, mostly women and children, Syrian rebel’s resistence to oust Assad from power from Damascus is yet not succeeded, despite all sorts of help from US and its western allies. Meanwhile, the US, in order to please its Middle East Muslim allies, particularly Iran, took strategic interest of Israel quite lightly, though Israel warned the US that the Iranian posture to stop its nuclear weapon ambition for a while was just to get some relief from the US/UN sponsored sanctions. Once that goal was achieved by Iran, they now rake up their nuclear ambition and Israel earlier came out with clear indications that Iran is once-again fiddling with its weapon programmes. In the meanwhile, Israel reportedly chased down a heavy shipment of Iranian weapons meant for Syria in their mid-sea operation. It is no secret that Iran extend whole-hearted support to Syria and the Hizbollah terrorists that are dead against Israel. Israel had to be extra cautious on the activities of these terrorists groups who often fire missiles into their territory. It is a question of their sheer survival. America know their security concerns but in their new policy of appeasement to the Muslims, of late, the Shia groups of Iran and Syria, it had to shift their interest more towards such Middle Eastern countries, rather than protecting Israel’s strategic security concerns. President Obama and his team is working hard on the new Palestinian statehood with East Jerusalem as its capital which they think is the only way solving the vexed Middle East problem. But the more they are coming closer to that, the more are troubles they face domestically. There were umpteen natural fury on the US in the form of unprecedented hurricanes couple of months back and then after the winter had set in, the icy avalanche that caste shadow over the entire country from north to south and from east to west this season that literally made people to remain indoors, as roads were covered with thick snow making vehicular traffic near impossible. Apart from that, President Obama’s social security and health care programmes nicknamed as ‘Obama Care’ is not received with much interest, as the people are already fed-up/worried over the state of economy which is rattled in more ways than one. Unemployment is increasing rapidly. Lay off, reduction and lack of new opportunities makes the young Americans directionless and that, coupled with the leaderships’ lack of clarity and aimless decisions that makes even their closest friends to bitter foes as has recently happened in the case of the Indian diplomat Devyani Kopragade case where immediately after her first case was dismissed on grounds of full diplomatic immunity to her, they again filed another one on which an arrest warrant was issued, which made sensible people to laugh at what was going on in the US. 

      So, the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hegemonic steps in Crimean annexation to the Russian domain only shows the US, EU or its western allies can hardly browbeat anyone, particularly the tough, decisive powers that works with vision and clarity. Putin knows that E.U. countries cannot go with the sanctions regimes, as the moment Russia impose cuts in oil and gas supplies, they will bleed. More-over, Russia is an open market for the E.U. products in a highly globalized world. Even China too is toughening its stand on this ground only. The over $ 12.3 trillion worth deposits in the US Treasury from these two main communist countries that works like a millstone round the neck of the US regime which, when withdrawn collectively, would  make US economy to go in shambles. The world’s one and only super power is, therefore, in a way checkmated  not to take any rash steps other than threatening with with sanctions which the new, emerging economic powers like Russia, China, Iran, India, South Africa etc. are least bothered. 

      One may advise the US President Obama to re-read Genesis Chapter 12 wherein God Almighty gave that grand promise to patriarch Abraham “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”. It is a real promise and as long as America stood solidly behind Israel, it received abundant blessings and the moment they drifted to please the enemies of Israel in the Middle East who always hold on to see Isarael is obliterated from the very face of this earth, the curse is dawned on the US to its imperilment, economically, climatically, psychologically, spiritually and now even its super power status too nose-dive. 

      The concern expressed by Israel after that mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing 777 that it is safely landed somewhere in the Middle East, duly camouflaged by another plane, so as not to detect it by radars and that it may be used for a 9/11 type terrorist act and Israel’s fear it would be the probable target cannot be brushed aside, if the US agree to buy that theory or not. Otherwise, why are they so unconcerned on that rare incident of a plane with 239 odd passengers, missing since last one week, which is untraceable, despite frantic search efforts by 26 odd countries? We are surely living in a dangerous world that may invite catastrophe on the slightest of provocation.