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50455Pakistani by Pythagoras Numerology

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  • S Turkman
    Nov 4, 2013
      From: S Turkman <turkman@...>

      By Numerology using 'Horoofay AbjaD' Table, Numerical Value of Alphabets that form word 'Pakistan' add up to 534.

      Pythagoras, a Greek, who had started a small town of his Followers in Sicily (now a part of Italy) in 5th Century B.C. was the founder of Metempsychosis, Montheism, Cosmology, Geometry, Numerology, etc. He had advanced Mathematics and Scientific Research but also believed in Reincarnation. Followers of his Philosophy and Teachings later gave birth to great Greek Philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, etc. (I have found a few sentences of these Philosophers even in Qoraan)

      Following are interpretations of number 34 and 500 in Pythagoras's Book on Numerology:

      Physical, Philosophical and Religious Pains, Monitory Problems, Worries, facing Sadness, various kinds of dangers and scare of Punishment.

      Love of worship, Righteousness and religion or some Philosophy.
      What I have found is, some people with 500 in number of their name have none of that and they were just opposite of that. They were selfish and normally with good IQ. They had Sense of Direction also but a lot of Criminals and people with strange insane theories have also been found to have 500 after Numerological Value of Alphabets of their Name are added up.

      I have also found that all what Pythagoras wrote about 34 does not apply to some People with 34 as part of number of their Number of their Names and they are not that unsuccessful. For Example a former Political Leader of Pakistan, Air Marshal Mohammad Asghar Khan was 2034 but 34 Interpretation fits Pakistan.  

      My Conclusion is, that despite good or bad aspects of a number interpreted by Pythagoras, some cases can be just opposite of what he had written but he has proven correct almost all the time otherwise and sometimes even when he is proven wrong, the wrongness is only a twist of what he had written.

      S U Turkman

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