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50446Tehelka’s #Think2013 – The Unbearable St ench of Blood Money is #STINK2013

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  • Kamayani BaliMahabal
    Nov 3, 2013
      When the fourth estate is peddled like real estate, when journalism
      and dirty business collude, and when Orwellian ‘doublethink’ becomes
      the way of the scribes; we can unhesitatingly conclude that the
      so-called fourth pillar of democracy has been reduced to smithereens
      much like the other three pillars.

      Since its first edition in 2011, the Tehelka Think Fest, was always
      seen a severe blow to the codes of journalism. The most controversial
      names in the business world that year, Essar and Tata Steel, both
      corporations stuck neck deep in a quagmire of accusations of being
      involved in mining scams, telecom scams, sponsorship of Salwa Judum,
      Radiagate, environmental violations, illegal land grab, forced
      displacement and several other crimes. But it was no surprise as Tarun
      Tejpal, the top gun at Tehelka, had earlier been seen that year at the
      Jaipur Literature Festival defending the events sponsorship by
      criminal corporations like Shell and Rio Tinto; he had essentially
      argued for his own case. That Tehelka was not the going to organise
      seminars on rural issues in Jamia Milia auditoriums anymore. That they
      would now openly solicit endorsements from the very corporations they
      had exposed in their publications.

       Readmore here -http://www.kractivist.org/ india-tehalkas-think2013-the- unbearable-stench-of-blood- money-is-stink2013-mustread/
      Adv  Kamayani Bali Mahabal

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