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50443Make Vishvakarma Puja day as hoilday

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    Nov 2 9:22 PM

      Make Vishvakarma Puja day as hoilday


      Deepawali is the festival where festivities activities continue till late night making next day virtually a no-work day at offices. Private establishments and factories make next day to Deepawali as holiday not only for this reason of allowing rest, but also as holiday towards Vishwakarma Puja. All offices look deserted on this day next to Deepawali.


      Best is to declare day of Vishwakarma Puja (next day to Deepawali) as holiday also for respecting sentiments of labourers for whom this is a very special day when they worship their tools rather using them. An RTI response revealed that day of Vishwakarma Puja is the second-most availed restricted holidays after Raksha Bandhan.


      Under the circumstances, Central government should be practical to include Vishwakarma Pooja (and also Raksha Bandhan) as gazetted holidays for all government-offices in Delhi. Loss of working-days can and should be compensated by converting public-holidays on birth-days of big leaders like Gandhi and Ambedkar Jayantis into extra-work days to pay true homage to ideals of great personalities to work hard! Even more and more leaders then can be paid respect by declaring their birth-days also as extra-work days.



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