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OK, I went there all by myself (via your blog - thanks!)

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  • jekenney1
    For those interested, I m posting this information. I m sorely tempted, as this area is quite interesting to me, and I d be looking for a driving partner - or
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2008
      For those interested, I'm posting this information. I'm sorely tempted, as this area is quite
      interesting to me, and I'd be looking for a driving partner - or carpool - from the
      Pasadena side of town if I attend. Thanks!


      Digital Letterpress

      Studio letterpress printing with photopolymer plates at the Otis Laboratory Press. This
      hands-on course covers all aspects of this revolutionary new process for the relief
      printing of digital imaging: from digital prepress and plate processing to letterpress

      Includes demonstrations of digital imaging requirements and font-editing, processing
      with the platemaking machine, and presswork on the Vandercook flatbed cylinder press.
      Includes discussions of related investigative and exploratory printing and typographic

      Prerequisite: Previous experience with image-editing and page-layout software useful.
      Noprior letterpress experience required.

      First class materials: $20 lab fee payable to instructor; supply list of additional materials
      provided at first mtg.

      Course Details
      Course Code: XGRD5105
      Meetings: 10
      Credit Hours: 1
      Lab: $35
      Section 1 Elective Course
      Instructor: Gerald Lange
      Meeting Day(s): Saturday
      Meeting Time(s): 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
      Meeting Date(s): May 31-August 9, 2008
      No Meeting: July 5, 2008
      Class Size: 12
      Meeting Room:
      Location: Goldsmith Campus
      Credit: Registration CRN Code: Fee:
      NC 25111 $385
      CT 25112 $419
      CR 25113 $945
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