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  • Gary Mordhorst
    A commercial laundry service works by contract, with printers, machine shops and other firms who use shop towels. The contract that I have causes me to pay
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2008
      A commercial laundry service works by contract, with printers, machine shops and other firms who use shop towels. The contract that I have causes me to pay for 10% of the towels that I rent, as they will wear out or accidentally become discarded.

      This is a costly service, and you will be hard pressed to find a company who will sub-lease towel rental with you. The service is called towel rental, because you are using their towels, and they will not clean other people's shop towels. You get a different bunch of towels with every deliver. You do not get your specific towels back, as if going to a dry cleaner.

      It is a tough hurdle, but to do the right thing is expensive. You may simply need to purchase a minimum contract with a commercial towel service.


      Gary Mordhorst
      AccuColor Plus, Inc.
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      Thanks, Fritz and all. My problem with the whole thing is environmental AND cost. I can't
      afford to throw things "away" if I can help it. But if I can work with an established print
      shop (or machine shop, or gas station) for a nominal fee, ideally it would be no problem
      for them and a big relief to my environmentally-overloaded conscience, honed to a
      painfully sharp point over 55 years.

      Because I'm a student at PCC, I thought I'd continue my investigations by talking to the
      printing department there. I know that their machine shop gets rags cleaned, and my
      guess is that they all use the same service.

      There's a print shop just down the street from my home. I'll talk with them and see what
      happens, and report back to the group.

      Speaking of re-use, Fritz, I have usable roller cores from my Pilot... I suppose you can get
      them re-covered! Next time I need ink, I'll send them along to you.

      I appreciate everyone's brainstorming on this topic.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "nagraph1" <nagraph@...> wrote:
      > At least in our area, the commercial laundries will service only
      > their own products, and not some unknown material, such as paint rags
      > that if from Home Depot, are probably from a third world source. The
      > commercial shop rags are made to specifications for the type of
      > cleaning chemicals and processes that are used in their operations.
      > But, working with someone who already has a service contract with a
      > laundry is an excellent idea--it covers not only printers, but
      > machine shops, gas stations, etc. Not only environmentally smart, but
      > also smart for regulatory mandates as well.
      > Fritz
      > > What a good idea. If they have so little money value to you that
      > you could
      > > throw them away, why not do the decent thing and give them free of
      > charge to
      > > a shop that already pays for a cleaning service. We have to make
      > our world
      > > a cleaner place, and small a step though it is, it is a step at
      > least
      > > towards thinking and acting cleaner. And only a phone call away!
      > >
      > >
      > > Graham Moss
      > > On 8/4/08 17:16, "lemontreepress@" <lemontreepress@> wrote:
      > >
      > > > It's really not a cost concern that should encourage you not to
      > toss your
      > > > rags. It's environmental. Here's an opportunity to " help the
      > planet." You
      > > > could call print shops in the yellow pages and see if any of
      > them have
      > > > laundry
      > > > service which you could tap into for a small monthly fee and
      > find others in
      > > > the area who could do the same. Just a thought.
      > > >
      > > > Nancy Bloch

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