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Re: [PPLetterpress] Future of Print (was Re: Inkjet/Letterpress Paper)

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  • Michael Andrews
    This topic is one that relates to the concerns of many librarians and conservators I have spoken with since the age of digital storage. At first it seemed the
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2008
      This topic is one that relates to the concerns of many
      librarians and conservators I have spoken with since
      the age of digital storage.

      At first it seemed the digital media would be the
      solution to preserving color film. The best color film
      I know in regards to archival longevity was
      Kodachrome. With perfect storage it might last 150
      A fugitive color print (dye couplers, dye transfer,
      cibachrome) might make it as far as 300 years in the
      best case and in the worst case such as polaroids may
      make only last 25 years without some degradation.

      Prints on paper using a pigment ink (such as a carbro
      or digital print) might be expected to last as long as
      a painting, say 500 years.

      The librarians were miffed by the fact that most
      digital media lasted somewhere around 15 years and
      then need a never-ending cycle of reproduction to
      guarantee future existence.

      The lesson for photographers is that only what hits
      archival paper has any chance of surviving at least as
      long as the species does.

      If the world runs out of cheap electricity via the
      ever decreasing supply of petroleum, electronic media
      will no longer be readily accessible.

      That does not even take into consideration the
      perpetually evolving nature of the media itself. The
      hope is that some form of permanent electronic media
      will emerge. The fear is the expense of converting
      existing data to it. The ultimate fear is how much
      will be lost when such conversions take place and the
      old media becomes practically extinct.

      The lesson for those who are committed to the value of
      the written word (at least as long as the species
      survives) need to put archival ink on archival paper.
      No doubt there is some minuscule chunk of words that
      will be engraved in metal or stone, but for us
      populists, nothing so far has eclipsed the function of
      words on paper.

      midnight musings of an ink and paper dinosaur


      --- Peter Fraterdeus <peterf@...> wrote:

      > >Because of the electronic media and digital use for
      > such things as photography, I believe there will be
      > a huge black hole for our current time period in the
      > future because all this stuff will disappear. Were
      > Adam Smith writing his thoughts today on the Adam
      > Smith Blog, it would evaporate into thin air when he
      > didn't maintain his account, or some server
      > somewhere crashed. All my digital photos I'm taking
      > today will be where in 50 years? Yet I have all my
      > pictures I started taking more then 50 years ago on
      > film, not to mention tons of photographs taken
      > world-wide previous to that. Printed words, books,
      > photos, records, etc will endure but the electronic
      > stuff is like dust in the wind.
      > >
      > >Fritz
      > Hi Fritz
      > I agree 100%
      > The "end of history" may well be when everything is
      > online ;-)
      > Then, on the other hand, since 99.999% of what's
      > being written or photographed these days is better
      > of forgotten, perhaps we've arrived at exactly where
      > we need to be!
      > And the telcoguvmnt can decide who and what can be
      > posted... for national security reasons {of
      > letterpress and photopolymer of course...}
      > On the other hand, there are fewer and fewer books
      > in physical form surviving from the 19th and 20th C
      > because of the make-a-buck printing and binding
      > practices. Some of those may only be preserved in
      > ... digital form!
      > I expect that unless there's a global viral pandemic
      > or something even stupider, that Google will still
      > have all your photos in 50 years, since they will
      > have figured out how to store information in
      > hyperdimensional crystals, and everything up to that
      > point in time will only take 1 ten-millionth of a
      > percent of the capacity of a crystal the size of a
      > 18pt quad.
      > Only half of my tongue is cheekwise ;-)
      > Cheers
      > P
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