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  • Ray Nichols
    I would like to propose the following plan for a year s worth of monthly meetings (12) which would serve as an annual strategy. Perhaps we can talk about it at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5 7:00 PM
      I would like to propose the following plan for a year's worth of
      monthly meetings (12) which would serve as an annual strategy.
      Perhaps we can talk about it at Mike Denker's on the 19th.

      This would give us a general schedule that we could shoot for.

      Over a series of 12 monthly meetings generally to be held about the
      same time each month though they might be on different days of the
      week and different times of the day to help people be able to attend.
      There is also no reason there cannot be other meetings for those that
      can attend. It would be important that we adequately promote any
      event to the membership.

      Four meetings to area libraries or collections with important
      holdings (these may be visits that are broad, looking at a variety of
      of items or they might focus on very specific, particular items in
      the collections).

      . . . Library of Congress
      . . . Folger Shakespeare Library
      . . . Johns Hopkins Sheridan Libraries / Baltimore
      . . . The Library Company / Philadelphia

      Four meetings to printing (typically letterpress) or typecasting
      facilities. A few suggestions.

      . . . Roland Hoover
      . . . Mike Anderson
      . . . Jim Walczak
      . . . Wallflowers Press (assuming we get into the new studio this year)
      . . . Swarm the shop of Chris Sweterlitsch and get some ink on his Pearl
      . . . Swarm the shop of Lenore Rouse and get some ink on her Pearl
      (Catholic University)

      Four meetings of a more specialized nature or a speaker.

      . . . The January 2008 meeting at Mike Denker's and the showing of
      the movie "Helvetica."
      . . . Stan Nelson and his Gutenberg / Italy story
      . . . Oak Knoll Fest / October 2008 (evening party at Wallflowers Press)
      . . . Drive to upstate New York and print on the Kelmscott / Goudy
      . . . Visit Quaker State Typefounding, Honey Brook, PA
      . . . U.S. Government Printing Office
      . . . Day-long field trip to New York City / Morgan Library, Grolier
      Club, NY Public Library
      . . . Mark Samuels Lasner Collection at the University of Delaware

      First, are there any suggestions or alternatives to the above general

      Second, can you suggest specific possibilities for any of the
      options. Don't be shy and don't worry about it being your own
      interest. Let us know any and all possibilities within a reasonable

      If any of you would be willing to volunteer to take on the
      responsibility of any particular event or month please let any of the
      officers know of your interest. It would also be helpful if some of
      you who write well could write up reviews of meetings that we could
      put on the APHA / Chesapeake website.

      . . . Mike Denker, president <mike@...>
      . . . Ray Nichols, vice-president <ray@...>
      . . . Stuart Bradley, secretary <stuartbradley@...>

      Also if would be nice if you would share any kind of news about
      things you've done or are doing that relates to printing history in
      any way. Please, send a description to Ray Nichols

      And make it a regular practice (bookmark it) to look at upcoming
      events and news on the APHA / Chesapeake website.

      . . . http://www.printinghistory-chesapeake.org/

      . . .

      Ray Nichols
      Wallflowers Press

      . . .


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