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[PPLetterpress] Re: attaching treadle for Old Style C&P, 8 x 12

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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    Hi Autumn Just thought I d weigh in here with a note on my own jury-rigged treadle solution, which is a two-foot length of 2x6, a big gate-hinge, a 3/8 in.
    Message 1 of 17 , Jan 5, 2008
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      Hi Autumn
      Just thought I'd weigh in here with a note on my own jury-rigged treadle solution, which is a two-foot length of 2x6, a big gate-hinge, a 3/8 in. turn-buckle and a fence-post clamp (which goes around where the treadle hook would, attached with a bolt to the top of the turn-buckle)

      My press (and Old Style 10x15) sits on a plywood palette, and the gate hinge is lag-bolted to the plywood and the 2x6. I have a 3/8in stainless steel hook fitted to the 2x6 plank below the drive-shaft, and the turn-buckle hooks onto that and reaches up to the shaft, where, as I mentioned, I have attached a fence-post clamp around the offset, held with a bolt to the other end of the turn-buckle.

      I will post photos when I get back to the press, but don't give up, there's plenty of options for a treadle.

      This setup is not going to last fifty-years, but it's easy to replace the parts, even if it does sound like the old gate swingin' in the wind when I'm printing ;-)

      Here's a very rough pencil sketch, until I can get photos...


      Please excuse the clumsy drawing, my architect dad would be very disappointed if he sees it ;-)
      The hole through the 2x6 will end up closer to the far end of the plank than I've shown here.



      At 7:42 PM +0000 5 01 08, autumnmichellefoote wrote:
      >HI Rich- thank you for all of the useful information. No the treadle does not fit with in the
      >width of the collars, just within the width if the press. I think it is great to see everyone's
      >photos and see the differences in the years. I am so disheartened at the whole process. I
      >just want to print. I guess I am learning a lot with all the stuff in between. For a wile I
      >thought I was a complete and total moron! But all my assumptions have been correct and
      >Kevin I really appreciate your post because I was considering such a thing, but again
      >cutting original parts seemed like a bad idea too. I think that it is time to go on back to
      >the motor. Anyone want to by a treadle? ha ha ha

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