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Re: moving a press

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    ... be ... 150 ... helpers? ... paper ... Hello Alison, My name is Tim and i am new to the group.I do not know if you got any replies.I can tell you my story
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2007
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      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "apf.rm" <apf@...> wrote:
      > I'm sure I'm not the first to have this question, so thanks for any
      > advice you might have to this newbie!
      > I recently let go of a C&P 8x12 (new series) press which needed to
      > moved out of a basement through a cellar door. The quote I received
      > from a moving/rigging company was nearly $2000 (to rig and move it
      > miles from it's current location).
      > My question: should I have this opportunity again, is it possible to
      > move this on your own - that is, without professional
      > rigging/hoisting? If so, can it be done with just a few strong
      > By way of introduction: I am a new member whose background is in
      > arts - book constructions, printing, paper cutting.
      > Thanks,
      > Alison
      Hello Alison,
      My name is Tim and i am new to the group.I do not know
      if you got any replies.I can tell you my story and experience so
      far.I have no experience just ignorance.I recently was able to get a
      one man print shop that was operated out of his basement.Their were
      two platen presses and large paper cutter along with one case of type
      and workbench,plus extras.I disassembled both the presses and the
      paper cutter.This made them a little bit lighter.The presses were
      stripped except for the two side frames and the main shaft and
      gears.I rented a motorized stair climbing dolly to get the larger of
      the two presses up and out.This stair climber would also motor itself
      into the truck bed.The smaller press was moved by my Father and I
      with a large dolly(not motorized)The other press took three of us and
      everything we had to give.It took us roughly three hours to move
      three pieces of the large press(frame,bed and plate)All said and done
      it took a lot,roughly five different days and about twenty hours of
      labor.Now i have to put everything back together after cleaning.I
      only had to go fifteen miles not 150 so you have to figure gas too.It
      all depends on how involved you really want to get.I would not trade
      the experience and knowledge I gained for anything.Thanks for
      listening and good luck.
      Tim 2hupr3ss3s
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