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Re: 5 x 8 kelsey questions

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  • sarapture
    Thank you very much for your thoughtful replies regarding the Kelsey 5 x8. I am going to contact Boxcar and then go from there. I believe in the future I will
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      Thank you very much for your thoughtful replies regarding the Kelsey 5

      I am going to contact Boxcar and then go from there. I believe in the
      future I will be using mostly photopolymer plates (hence my interest
      in this group) and thus will see what they have to say about using
      those with this press. My gut instinct is to wait a little while until
      I have more knowledge before jumping in and buying something to
      "practice" with which will not serve my needs well in the future. I'm
      just impatient, want to get started and don't have easy access to
      better presses to practice with on a regular basis (Essentially I only
      have access when/if I'm enrolled in a class).

      Thank you again so much!


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      > Jodi,
      > I have printed with photopolymer and a Boxcar base on my Kelsey 5x8,
      so it can be done. For what it's worth, Boxcar also offers two free
      cuts when you buy a base, which you'll definitely want to do (note
      that you need a non-base area for the gauge pins).
      > (And it might be worth considering buying a larger base than you
      need and having it cut appropriately if you anticipate upsizing your
      press at some point.)
      > __
      > David
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      > From: Gerald Lange
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      > Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2007 12:25 AM
      > Subject: [PPLetterpress] Re: 5 x 8 kelsey questions
      > Jodi
      > In regard to photopolymer you will want to contact Boxcar Press
      > http://www.boxcarpress.com/
      > Their smallest base will just fit into the Kelsey chase. I'm not sure
      > I would recommend the Kelsey but it somewhat depends upon your set up,
      > and your enthusiasm. Eventually, if you do want to go to a higher
      > level, I'd suggest a C&P (an 8 x 12 is a nice press) or a Vandercook
      > (bit harder to find on the cheap these days). And the base will still
      > be of use to you.
      > Gerald
      > http://BielerPress.blogspot.com
      > --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "sarapture" <jodisax@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello PPL friends. I am very new to letterpress (have just taken one
      > > beginner's course), so I apologize for the amateurish nature of my
      > > questions, especially if they have been asked before.
      > >
      > > I have the opportunity to purchase a 5 x 8 kelsey excelsior for
      > > $300. I realize that this press has its limitations. My question
      is -
      > > if I am just printing cards and little things for myself to
      learn and
      > > experiment in the beginning, is the quality of this press good
      > > to even bother with, or should I save my pennies and wait until a
      > > higher quality press is available and I have space to put it? I am
      > > interested in starting a letterpress card business eventually, but
      > > right now I am in the learning stages.
      > >
      > > More importantly, is it possible to use photopolymer plates on this
      > press?
      > >
      > > Finally, if anybody has suggestions regarding better quality
      > > portable-ish presses in the under $1000 range (such as one that
      > > transition from a hobby press to a small job professional use
      > > I would appreciate it.
      > >
      > > Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I am
      > > going to read the archives of this group to better educate
      myself and
      > > avoid having to post newbie questions for you all in the future.
      > >
      > > Warm regards,
      > > Jodi
      > >
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