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Re: [PPLetterpress] Plate processor for polymer

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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    Chad Looks like a good bet! I m a lead -- well, really a woodtype guy, but it s good to know... Thanks for the tip. I m finally getting my menagerie out of
    Message 1 of 3 , May 31, 2007
      Looks like a good bet! I'm a lead -- well, really a woodtype guy, but it's good to know...

      Thanks for the tip. I'm finally getting my menagerie out of storage, buffing off rust and dust, and getting ready to ink up... Have recently added a Heidelberg Windmill, Vandercook 219, C&P Oldstyle 8x12, and Morgans & Wilcox "Washington" style to the collection, along with the 10x15 C&P and Universal I which have been badly served in storage for some years, and so in need of deep therapy.
      Hope to be printing for real by the end of the summer.

      It's very good to know that your fellows can do big sheets, as the 219 can handle something like 20x28 stock with a few inches on the margins, and the washington is big enough for Sunday brunch with friends ;-)

      Always looking for 19th C woodtype collections.


      At 12:17 AM -0400 1 06 07, Chad Pastotnik wrote:
      >I've been meaning to call attention to this place for a while but
      >keep forgetting as I'm a lead guy but here's a place in Grand Rapids,
      >MI that's doing sheet polymer now. They used to do zinc and poly
      >flexo plates but have recently expanded their prepress department and
      >they're now doing sheet poly in vinyl and metal backed. Might be
      >worth investigating as they're able to do 52 x 80" plates on one
      >machine and 30 x 40" on another, I'm not sure which is for metal backed.
      >I know the guy who runs the pre-press department and he's pretty
      >savvy, depending on their monkeys running the machines could be a
      >brilliant solution to gang up plates and print a book. My contact
      >also tells me they're desperate for work and would love to exploit,
      >ahem, explore the small printers market. He also said there was no
      >minimum for orders.
      >I'll let all you poly folks sort out if this is actually useful for
      >the hobby/fine letterpress market.
      >Chad Pastotnik
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