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FWD: Re: Book reviews in "Parenthesis"

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  • Gerald Lange
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2007
      Paul Razzell wrote:
      > Dear fellow publishers and printers,
      > With the Codex Symposium just days away, the Editors of /Parenthesis:
      > The Journal of the Fine Press Book Association,/ are soliciting
      > prospectuses from all presses who would like their books considered
      > for review in our journal.
      > Each issue of /Parenthesis/ consists of 64 pages of articles and
      > illustrations, many in colour. Up to 100 /de luxe/ members receive a
      > special limited edition of /Parenthesis/ which is case-bound and
      > presented in a slip-case with a parcel of items specially printed by
      > presses from around the world.
      > If you have a prospectus or a book you would like considered for
      > review, please deliver them to Crispin Elsted at the Barbarian Press
      > table at the Codex Book Fair. Crispin is one of the North American
      > Editors of /Parenthesis/ and will ensure your book is considered for
      > review.
      > If you are a press (and an FPBA member), we can include a short note
      > about your new books in our e-newsletter. Just fill in the online
      > registration form at www.fpba.com. The form also allows you to request
      > an entry in the next issue of /Parenthesis/, and in the Private
      > Libraries Association’s periodical /Private Press Books/.
      > As many of you know, the Fine Press Book Association is an
      > organization formed by individuals interested in the art of fine
      > printing to promote printing skills and the appreciation of beautiful
      > books. Eleven years old this year, we now have a world-wide membership
      > of those interested in the fine book and contemporary fine printing:
      > collectors, printers, artists, illustrators, museums, and dealers,
      > currently numbering around 800.
      > Good luck at the fair, and best wishes,
      > Paul Razzell, Editor (NA)
      > /Parenthesis: Journal of the Fine Press Book Association
      > /1857 West 4th Avenue, Box 227
      > Vancouver, B.C., V6J 1M4
      > Canada
      > Tel: 604 731 6365
      > Email: inferno_press@...
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