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RE: RE: [PPLetterpress] Re: Advice for deep impression

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  • Michael T. Metz
    Danke Schoen Ludwig, The closest is the Einfache Kanzlei. X height and weight looks very close. You can see my sample on the cover of my webpage. There were
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      Danke Schoen Ludwig,

      The closest is the Einfache Kanzlei. X height and weight
      looks very close. You can see my sample on the cover of
      my webpage. There were more than a half dozen Kanzlei
      faces in the books I found in Chicago, all of these were
      slight variations like you point to here. Mabye the "Canzlei"
      was marketed for the Alsace/Lorraine region and is a French

      I posted the page from the Bible that started me down this path
      and a link to the specimen page from Herr SchumacherGebler. Got
      the bible at a farm auction in central Kansas.

      Interesting that the publishing information/date are printed in
      the middle of the bible at the beginning of the New Testament.


      Thanks for connecting me to Dipl.-Ing Helzel.
      That price is in Euros. Weak dollar. Have to save up.

      Mike Metz
      Lamppost Press


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      Not sure if the specific Canzlei you mention is in there, but Dipl.-Ing.
      Gerhard Helzel has some quite well-done digitizations of Chancery
      Blackletter founts (Kanzlei Frakturschriften), amongst which the "Schmale
      Kanzlei" from Schelter & Giesecke (1886). It is amazing who Helzel manages
      to do all this work: to-date over 250 digital revivals of classic
      blackletter founts! And the outlines are no poor job for sure. At only ?
      15-30,- per font purchasing a licence from Helzel really is a bargain.

      http://www.romana- <http://www.romana-hamburg.de/fraktur6.htm>
      hamburg.de/fraktur6.htm (bottom of page)

      http://www.romana- <http://www.romana-hamburg.de/fraktur7.htm>
      hamburg.de/fraktur7.htm (top of page)



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      Namens Michael T. Metz
      Verzonden: vrijdag 26 januari 2007 16:29
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      Onderwerp: RE: [PPLetterpress] Re: Advice for deep impression

      What was that Hee Haw song...

      "If it weren't for bad ideas, I'd have no ideas at
      all. Wo is me, the agony oh dear." Ha ha.

      Thanks for putting up with it.

      Lamppost Press

      ps Yes, still have some of "When the Toilet Paper Hit the Windmill".
      These are $8 back issues. Graham Moss recognized from eyeballing it
      that I used Perpetua, but he could see the difference between it and
      metal. The masthead (that is the wrong term, but I can't remember
      the correct one at the moment) uses a blackletter face I found on
      a single line on the title page of the New Testament section in a
      19th century German bible. Spent three years searching for it's
      history and a couple more digitizing that single line using Fontlab's
      Scanfont. Search lead me to Hans Peter Willberg who lead me to a very
      gracious Herr Eckehart SchumacherGebler at the Museum for Printing in
      Leipzig who found me the money in a J.G. Schelter & Gieseke speciment
      book: Neue Canzlei. Found several S&G specimen books at the Newberry
      Library in Chicago, and it seems there were a lot of Chancelor faces.
      I write all my letters in Neue Canzlei now, but I haven't digitized
      the complete font yet so sometimes they are hard to read.


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      Subject: Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Advice for deep impression

      Hello Mike

      You've always got a lot of ideas. That's good. I like that. Keep them
      coming as they say.

      Pretty much everything I've written on digital-to-analog can be found in
      the PDT monograph, the articles up at

      http://bielerpressi <http://bielerpressi
      <http://bielerpressi <http://bielerpressii.blogspot.com/> i.blogspot.com/>
      i.blogspot.com/> i.blogspot.com/

      or scattered here and about in the message archives at PPL.

      I did start a Database table there a long while back with a listing of
      useful faces with commentary, but when no one else contributed to it I
      eventually nicked it. And no longer have the data.

      I am working on another monograph, for some several years now, but it
      concentrates on d-t-a at the microtypographic level of investigation. My
      very insular concern and interest. But I don't ever seem to have the
      time (time = money, money = time) to complete it.

      The problem with me concentrating on something like your proposal is
      that we are in the midst of what appears to be a decade long transition
      in font formats. Not many seem to be paying attention to this, but when
      it is complete, many Postscript Type 1 typefaces (that have accumulated
      over the last two decades) with be lost to us. And the format itself may
      no longer be viable on forthcoming operating systems. So basically, it
      would be a "short missive" with a constant need for revision. Based on
      my experience with the need to revise and update PDT every three years
      or so, I doubt I would be up for it.

      All best

      ps. Do you have any more of the chapbook you did on the Heidelberg and
      printing on toilet paper? I loved it so much I gave to a friend. Would
      like to get a few more.

      Michael T. Metz wrote:
      > Gerald,
      > Speaking of a need, would you consider publishing a compendium of your
      > thoughts on fonts in polymer? If you would consider publishing a short
      > missive, I'd buy it and I'd bet not a few others would as well. As
      > a first round might even ask the list for a prepay and distribute it
      > as as a pdf. Second round would include a printer's broadside "eye chart"
      > of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
      > Mike Metz
      > www.lpress.com
      > Lamppost Press

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