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Re: Linotypesetting.com leaps closer to completion

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  • Gerald Lange
    Amy That balance in your [Michael s] discussion of polymer [photopolymer] and metal is no balance at all. While I applaud Michael s efforts here, his
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 21, 2006

      That "balance in your [Michael's] discussion of polymer [photopolymer]
      and metal" is no balance at all. While I applaud Michael's efforts
      here, his prejudices are clearly showing (and need not be). I'm quite
      sure Benton (ATF) had not many complementary things to say about
      linecasting, and, would certainly not have had about digital type, and
      likely rightly so.

      The main problem with slugcasting is that, typographically speaking,
      the weakness is in the matrix, or to some degree, its spatial setting,
      among other things. The same could be said for photopolymer with the
      exception that there is choice and the potential for user modification
      of digital type (whether or not that is undertaken is another thing
      altogether). Each step of production taken from the manufacturer and
      given up to the user is less assured. That was the main concern of the
      foundries of yore. And it was a valid point. Just because linecasting
      is metal does not put it in the same camp as foundry type.

      Hi Michael :)


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "amy borezo" <aborezo@...> wrote:
      > Michael,
      > Beautiful job on the site with the added specimen pages. I really
      love the
      > copy for "why linotypesetting?"--Beach Boys and all. You strike a great
      > balance in your discussion of polymer and metal.
      > You seem to be targeting experienced printers. You might consider
      > even more basic information on linotypesetting for newer printers.
      > a picture of a slug? Newbies may not have any idea what a slug is or
      > exactly happens in the linotypesetting process and might be too
      > to buy. And some may have a good deal of disposable income.
      > Only a small suggestion. Very inspiring.
      > amy b.
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