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  • Harold Kyle
    Gerry: Thanks for sharing your positive experience with the Boxcar Base. I d like to respond to some of your recent comments... ... Plate travel on a
    Message 1 of 19 , Jul 5, 2002

      Thanks for sharing your positive experience with the Boxcar Base. I'd like
      to respond to some of your recent comments...

      On 7/3/02 6:02 PM, "Gerald Lange" <bieler@...> wrote:
      > I've not experienced plate travel with steel-backed plates on a Bunting when
      > printing on a Vandercook. I know others have when printing solids on a
      > Heidleberg and similar presses.

      Plate travel on a Vandercook with Buntings is what got me started with
      non-magnetic bases in the first place. This is not likely to happen in
      bookwork, Gerry, but with large solids and heavy impression the plate tends
      to move away from the feedboard--often in 1/16" increments.

      I've talked with other printers who have experienced this as well. They
      often remedy the creep with spray adhesive, scotch tape, or large "blanks"
      butted up at the tail end of the printing plate to block the movement. Spray
      adhesive and scotch tape are non-magnetic, I might add. Magnets are very
      good at holding down, but they don't hold things quite as well side to side.

      > I've not heard from other printers that a Boxcar base solves this problem.

      Well, if the Boxcar Base doesn't solve plate creep, then we offer a full
      refund (and we have not needed to issue any refunds yet). This I've of
      perfect register applies to all plates larger than 0.5" by 0.5" mounted as
      recommended in our owner's manual. Creep has never been an issue with a
      Boxcar Base.

      > It should be said that the Bunting Cerface was developed specifically for the
      > printing industry and ....any travel or registration problems that are the
      > result of specific use instances are preventable with a properly configured
      > base.

      It sounds as if you're implying that the Bunting Cerface is unique because
      it was made specifically for the printing industry. However, the Boxcar Base
      was developed specifically for letterpress and therefore is perfectly suited
      to the needs of letterpress printers. The Boxcar Base uses the same mounting
      system as much of the flexo and rotary letterpress industry, and I think
      it's safe to say that more polymer plates are mounted by adhesive in "the
      industry" than by magnets.

      I wasn't aware of the pin registration system for Buntings. Do you need a
      punch to make holes in the plate? Are there posts or holes on the surface of
      the Bunting which limit the size of plates that you can use? Could you
      elaborate on how the kerfs fight plate drift? Do these kerfs limit where you
      can put the plate on the surface?

      Buntings are very well machined bases, and for bookwork I would agree that
      they provide a wonderful printing surface. But the Boxcar Bases do give
      plates' stronger shear strength, weaker peal strength (for easier
      repositioning), and are priced much more affordably. Assuming that for a
      specific job you don't experience plate drift with a Bunting, the printing
      quality with a Bunting and a Boxcar Base is identical.

      I feel with the current technology that the Boxcar Base is the best system,
      but we're always looking for ways to improve - if you experience any
      specific shortcomings while using the Boxcar Base, please let me know!

      Re: more affordable bases.
      "More affordable" bases often aren't made to the precise tolerances of a
      Boxcar Base, and prove to be more expensive because of time involved to hang
      excessive makeready, multiplied by every press run. Our bases nowadays come
      in well below our guaranteed tolerances and in many cases only have .0003"
      variation across the surface. This eliminates much of the makeready that
      would face the user of a poorly machined base. Boxcar Press has dependable
      bases on our shelves, ready to ship, backed with a guarantee--so you
      shouldn't have to go through the hassle of making a base yourself when the
      results probably won't be as consistent.


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