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Re: ink opacity

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  • lb
    Speed Gray-- Thanks very much for all your suggestions! Best, LB
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 3, 2006
      Speed Gray--
      Thanks very much for all your suggestions!

      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, speedgray@... wrote:
      > LB:
      > You have several options, depending upon how much effort you want to expend.
      > For best results, print at least one pass of the image using opaque white;
      > two bumps would be better. Let the ink dry before putting down another "layer."
      > This is called dry trapping.
      > Next, after the opaque white is dry, print the yellow. Best would be to use
      > an opaque yellow. Second best, a transparent yellow over the white. Opaque
      > color has a lot of titianium dioxide in it (white stuff) to make the ink opaque.
      > You can always tell if you are using a transparent or opaque ink as soon as
      > you open the can. The opaque ink will have the same mass color as the color
      > you want to print. A transparent ink will have mass color much darker. Like
      > opaque yellow looks yellow; transparent yellow looks baby-shit brown. Opaque
      > red looks like garnet, etc.
      > Hope this helps.
      > Speed Gray, APA 736
      > Letterpress Green Sheet
      > Ada, MI
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