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Letterpress Events at the School of Visual Concepts, Seattle

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  • J Wilkson
    Here are some upcoming free events and classes of interest at the School of Visual Concepts, Seattle, located at 500 Aurora Avenue N, near the Seattle Center.
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      Here are some upcoming free events and classes of interest at the
      School of Visual Concepts, Seattle, located at 500 Aurora Avenue N,
      near the Seattle Center.

      To register:
      206 623-1560

      FREE! Hatch Show Print: Poster Sale and Talk
      Friday 10/6
      Meet Jim Sherraden - 5:00p - 6:30p
      Hatch Show Print Talk - 6:30p - 8:00p
      Poster Sale - 8:00p - 10:00p

      Hank Williams, Cab Calloway, and Emmylou Harris all turned to
      Nashville’s Hatch Show Print to design and print promotional posters.
      Established in 1879, Hatch not only developed a graphic design style
      that’s been widely emulated, they’re also leading the charge to
      preserve the traditional art of letterpress printing. Like to know
      more? Then come hear Jim Sherraden, Hatch’s manager, speak at SVC.
      You’ll also get a chance to have Jim sign a copy of his book,
      purchase some of Hatch posters at obscenely low prices (they start at
      $15), and drink some of our cheap wine. How can you lose? Online
      registration is requested.
      Co-presented by AIGA Seattle. Sponsored by Aquent.

      Hatch Show Print Poster Workshop - Jim Sherraden
      Thursday 10/5 9:00 to 4:00 $295

      What do you think your chances are of getting to print
      extraordinarily cool letterpress posters in the legendary Hatch Show
      Print shop in Nashville under the direction of Hatch manager, Jim
      Sherraden? You got it: Zip. But would you settle for Jim, a ton of
      Hatch's historic illustration wood cuts, and a day in the SVC
      letterpress shop right here in Seattle? Done! You’ll work with Jim to
      produce a poster, to be printed on SVC’s Vandercook cylinder presses.
      He'll even let you print a T-shirt or two if you bring them. This is
      truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder
      with one of the key players in the history of graphic design & the
      music industry. Space is limited to 12 students so early registration
      is strongly advised.
      Prerequisites: None

      FREE! SVC's 5th Annual Wayzgoose
      Friday 10/6 5:00 to 10:00 p.m.

      A Wayzgoose is an ancient custom in the British printing industry
      dating back to the 17th century when the master printer would host a
      feast for his apprentices marking the end of the summer and the
      return to working by candlelight. SVC’s Wayzgoose revival will omit
      the traditional feast of a goose and all-night trip to an ale house.
      Instead, we'll enjoy a lecture by Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print
      in the gallery, and have an open house upstairs in the print shop.
      Commune with other letterpress enthusiasts and print your own
      keepsake. Online registration is requested.

      Letterpress Equipment Swap
      Saturday 10/7 10:00 to noon

      The morning after the Hatch Show Print talk and our annual Wayzgoose,
      meet up in the SVC parking lot to browse and buy letterpress
      equipment, type, paper, and more. Several local print shops will be
      represented with letterpress odds and ends priced to sell. If you'd
      like to be a seller, RSVP to jenny@... for more information.

      Care and Feeding of Your Vandercook Press - Paul Moxon
      Monday 10/16 9:00 to 4:00 $245

      If you use or own a Vandercook press or are thinking about getting
      one, bring your questions, press photos, broken parts, swear words,
      and printing samples to SVC and spend a day getting smart about your
      precious possession. Paul Moxon, a fine press printer, book designer,
      and creator of vandercookpress.info, will take you through an in-
      depth review of the parts and functions of the Vandercook, covering:
      >Regular maintenance, lubrication and cleaning >Troubleshooting
      printing problems >The differences between various Vandercook models
      >What to look for when buying or trading up >Resources for
      Vandercook owners. Paul will also share a 20-page handout with
      workshop participants on good press habits, tools and lubricants, and
      buying and moving presses.

      We are also offering two levels of quarter-long letterpress
      instruction, beginning the week of September 25. See the link below
      for more information.

      To register for classes:
      206 623-1560
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