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Mainshaft - 1903 C&P Old Style

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  • wa0dfw@copper.net
    Well, I can guarantee that the press originally had a mainshaft which had the throw for the treadle in the center, halfway between the side frames. I believe
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2006
      Well, I can guarantee that the press originally had a mainshaft which
      had the "throw" for the treadle in the center, halfway between the
      side frames.

      I believe all the newstyle presses originally had them as well, as
      the Kluge feeder piston vacuum pump ran on that throw, as well as on
      most earlier Kluges

      However, I have an old style 8 x 12 C&P which was rebuilt, that shaft
      replaced with a straight shaft, so that is a possibility. During that
      rebuild, the bed was also remachined, removing the serial number as
      well :-( so when folks ask how old the machine is, I tell them that
      "it is an 1887 model", which is when it supposedly commenced being
      manufactured, through 1911. That is an accurate statement.

      If your shaft is long enough on the right side, you can attach a
      large flat or vee belt pulley, the larger the better (mine is 28
      inches in diameter, I believe) then belt it to either a variable
      speed motor of which there are various types, or to a countershaft
      with a variable speed pulley such as I have. That involves some sort
      of mechanism to move the countershaft towards and away from the
      driven shaft to allow for pulley movement. Then the countershaft can
      be belted to a motor with another reduction. My setup also uses a 2
      speed appliance motor, which gives it a very wide speed range.

      You could even make a wooden pulley, bolted to a smaller vee belt
      pulley to attach it to the shaft. That could be done with careful
      application of a router to a doubled up sheet of 3/4 inch plywood, in
      either the vee pulley or flat (crowned surface) pulley. The crowned
      surface is slightly higher in the center and either curved down or
      slanted down in both directions from the centerline which keeps the
      flat belt centered, a belt always wanting to climb to the highest

      You can also run a vee belt directly around the OD of the flywheel,
      and a motor can be mounted with a variable speed pulley or even a
      steped "cone" pulley to change speeds without the intermediate
      countershaft, though I don't like the belt going around the flywheel
      very much, as you're always getting your hands dirty that way.

      Some presses also used a friction drive using the motor with a rubber
      tired hub on the shaft directly against the back lower side of the

      But first, be sure you are looking for that "crook" or "throw" in the
      correct place, directly in the center of the mainshaft between the
      side frames if you wish to treadle the press. I, personally, abhor
      the idea, but I rarely have short runs.


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      >I just got my hands on a 1903 C&P Oldstyle. In looking at it, it
      >does not appear that I can put <BR>
      >a treadle on it. There is no angled crank shaft to place a hook on. I
      >looked around the <BR>
      >internet, at manuals and could find no valuable information on this
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