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Last Call for Easter/Passover/Welcome Spring Card Bundle Exchange... Sign up before tomorrow AM.

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  • Lance Williams
    Still time to sign up for the Easter - Passover - Welcome Spring [or Welcome Fall for those of you on the bottom side of the world]! We are in the final hours
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2006
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      Still time to sign up for the Easter - Passover - Welcome Spring [or
      Welcome Fall for those of you on the bottom side of the world]! We are in
      the final hours of the 2-week sign up period, and we have 26 participants
      as of the writing of this letter. I will be closing off the submissions as
      of reading my emails tomorrow morning after breakfast. (8-10 hour
      extension over the 2/24/06 expiration date). If you would like to
      participate, please email me at lwwill7999@... tonight!

      One note on card content. I am certainly not limiting this to a "Christian
      Holiday" card, so if anyone would prefer a "Passover" card, that would be
      great too! (Other than those two holidays, I can think of another religious
      holiday during that time. However a general "Welcome Spring" card for the
      non-religious would also be welcome, anything that fits into the general
      season of Easter/Passover/Spring.....

      Once again, the specifics:

      The printed entry MUST be printed by the letterpress process, using any
      form of raised surface to print from (type, magnesium/copper/zinc
      engravings, photopolymer, wood cuts, linoleum cuts, etc), in as many colors
      as you desire.

      Size: Maximum 8.5" x 5.5", flat or folded. No envelopes, please, to reduce
      mailing weight.

      Quantity: One card for each participant, final count will be give shortly
      after 2/24/2006 (Currently 26)

      Postage Donation per participant: US Postage for 26 cards estimated at
      $4.00 Priority Mail (up to 60 cards). Now that we are up to 26 cards, I
      think we have reached the point of being in a Priority Mail Box for
      delivery at the best rate to everyone. Canada will be $4.00US for Global
      Priority Mail as well. Other countries yet to be calculated (one
      submission from New Zealand to date...)

      Date to confirm participation: February 24, 2006

      Submission must be received by: March 24, 2006

      Bundles will be mailed on or about March 30, 2006 so they are received
      before Easter (4/16/06) by everyone.

      Please email me at lwwill7999@... if you are going to participate
      so we will have an accurate count.

      Current List of Participants:

      1: Lance Williams
      2: Katie McDonough
      3: Jeff Macklin
      4: Tina Howard
      5: Kevin Cox
      6: Susan Park Ryoo
      7: John G. Henry
      8: Eileen McHugh
      9: Chuck Sumner
      10: Maria Cirner
      11: Tara Bryan
      12: Julie MacKenzie
      13: Duncan Major
      14: Sherry Barber
      15: Sharen Linder
      16: Eva Neveau
      17: Richard Tautenhahn
      18: Elizabeth Weston
      19: Kathryn M. Anderson
      20: Michael Addison
      21: Kate Frei
      22 Duncan Turner
      23: Shelly Monte
      24: Helen Keiser
      25: Julie Larson
      26: John & Anna Holmes
      (if anyone is missing, please email me again, and I will add you to the
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