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Re: [PPLetterpress] Digest Number 158 [TAN]

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  • Gerald Lange
    The recent message labeled Notice to Membership [April] from Yahoo says that Yahoo has made some changes regarding individual accounts and contains the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2002
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      The recent message labeled " Notice to Membership [April]" from Yahoo says
      that "Yahoo has made some changes regarding individual accounts" and
      contains the sentence "Note that Yahoo has all the marketing preferences
      marked yes. If you do not want to receive this marketing indicate no on the
      buttons provided." Does this mean that Yahoo periodically changes my
      preferences from "do not want to receive this marketing" "OK to receive
      marketing"? It would seem so. I therefore went back to check my account
      preferences and everything was checked yes, whereas before it was checked
      no. It also seems that the yeses include new ways of contacting me, including
      telephone and US mail.

      Dear Dave and PPL

      That message wasn't from Yahoo, it was from me. The relationship between Yahoo
      and moderators of the groupsites is essentially this: There isn't one. Yahoo
      provides no means to communicate moderator concerns. Ever see the movie The
      Wizard of Oz? Moderators acquire information from other moderators from
      groupsites set up specifically for that purpose. I belong to three of them.

      Having said this the word is that Yahoo apparently did not do this on UK
      sites. That would be against the law. It did it in the US because it can. But
      it had to provide users with an option to say no. Unfortunately it did not
      have to inform anyone. That is apparently my job. So, unless you actually like
      spam, Just Say No. Find a yes no button, click No. Find a box that has a
      checkmark in it that looks wrong, uncheck it. Note that if you have more than
      one Yahoo ID you will have to do this for all of them.

      What happened here is that when Yahoo closed down a couple of weeks ago it
      coordinated all the groups and clubs it has been acquiring and apparently
      standardized them. To do so it may have had to wipe out the previous options.
      Would you like to buy some land in Florida?

      Actually, no. I don't think this will happen again. And I am not exactly how
      big a deal it is. One good thing about all of this is there seems to be a lot
      of additional security added to the sites. If you don't say No the only spam
      you are ever going to get is from Yahoo itself!!! Am I down on Yahoo? not at
      all. I Love Big Brother (he said, as a tear rolled down his cheek).

      Don't worry, be happy. I'll keep you all informed as it is merited.

      So, hey, let's get back to studio letterpress and photopolymer.

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