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RE: [PPLetterpress] Digital Ligatures

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  • Michael T. Metz
    That s hilarious, and it would probably make the news. Civil disobedience at its best. ... From: PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 18 , Jan 2, 2006
      That's hilarious, and it would probably make the
      news. Civil disobedience at its best.

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      The only way to get this across to publishers is the old-fashioned
      way: boycott and demonstrate. Pace out front of your favorite
      bookstore carrying a sign with an "f" and "l" with a red circle and
      cross through them. Hand out broadsides. Check shoppers' bags for
      ligatureless reading matter and implore them to return it and get
      their money back.

      I am doing my part. I am circling every missed opportunity for a
      ligature in every book I received for Christmas and I'm sending them
      back to the publishers as "unreadable" and telling them to get their
      (and here's my favorite ligature) fhit together.

      ♜Scott Rubel♖

      On Jan 2, 2006, at 8:11 AM, Austin wrote:

      > Graham and Kathy wrote:
      >> Ignorance, cup-fulls of ignorance, and maybe a dash of laziness
      >> and a pinch of 'faux hip'.
      >> Graham Moss
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      > I gather - everyone on this list agrees with me in being frustrated at
      > the failure to use the f ligature. The question then seems to me - How
      > do we communicate this point to the publishers? I personally intend to
      > contact Random House to voice my displeasure with their lack of
      > diligence in monitoring the typesetting of their books. I feel that
      > the
      > only way to preserve these standards is to scream loud and often.
      > Apathy
      > is the cause for change in society more often than activism
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