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  • bielerpr
    Dear EdGood come-back—though now when someone s got problems with hand washout I m going to expect YOU to respond and guide them along!!!All best
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 1, 2002
      Dear Ed

      Good come-back—though now when someone's got problems with hand
      washout I'm going to expect YOU to respond and guide them along!!!

      All best


      --- In PPLetterpress@y..., "Ed Inman" <edinman@e...> wrote:
      > Gerald wrote:
      > > However. One is not working at the preliminary stage of technique when =
      > is
      > > hand processing a photopolymer plate (as an economic shortcut) as one
      > would be
      > > if he/she were cutting a punch or cutting a woodengraving.
      > Agreed. I'm not an absolutist about doing everything at a preliminary
      > stage. Nor do I have anything against machines for those who can justify
      > their cost.
      > > In his _Printing
      > > with the Handpress_, Lewis Allen wrote, "inferior tools corrode the
      > spirit."
      > > There is a difference.
      > I'm not sure in what context Mr. Allen was making this point, but if I ma=
      > be allowed a counterpoint it would be that tools, no matter how
      > sophisticated or primitive, are only as good as how they are used.
      > Saying that only people who can afford platemakers can make good plates i=
      > sort of like saying only people who can afford Hasselblads can take good
      > pictures.
      > Such a position no doubt makes very good sense to those who own platemake=
      > and Hasselblads, but I'm not sure how helpful it is to those who can
      > appreciate making the most out of more modest tools.
      > Hand washout takes some practice and may not always be perfect, no doubt,=

      > but for some people that is part of the challenge and part of the fun.
      > Ed
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