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  • George Chapman
    I have a story about a 19 inch Challenge, which if nothing else shows how stupid one (me) can be when faced with certain circumstances.I ll preface by saying
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2005
      I have a story about a 19 inch Challenge, which if nothing else shows
      how stupid one (me) can be when faced with certain circumstances.I'll
      preface by saying that the 19 is really perfact for a small shop like
      mine with limited space and although there are a lot of small later
      models around, this one looks a lot more at home with the other "scrap
      I had looked for several years to locate one within easy distance of
      our former home in western Kentucky. Suddenly a former co-worker
      opened a print shop around the corner from me and what did he
      have?...a 19 inch Challenge (with Multigraph label, all the better
      since I have a Multigraph press).
      He wanted something larger and soon found one, taking me up on my "if
      you ever" offer. In the meantime we had finally sold the Kentucky
      place and were preparing to move back to Colorado."No problem" he
      said, whenever you are ready for it let me know and I'll ship it.
      Since I had already negotiated a very favorable rate for moving, I did
      not care to reopen that to add the cutter to the load. (I did bring
      the four blades with me, buried in other items.)
      A few months later I called him to get the cutter ready to ship and
      arranged with our former employer to ship it at their discounted rate
      (which was still $300.00).
      Finally it arrived in my yard in Silverton (with a local fork life
      hire to get it off the truck). What a mess. My "friend" had mounted it
      on a too flimsy pallet which had collapsed somewhere along the way. To
      make a long story a little shorter, the handle had snapped right at
      the base.
      Carrier did not deny claim, which they could have easily done, but
      their liability was limited to $50.00.
      A long time friend and professional welder with all the latest in
      jazzy equipment did a really great repair job, but at a cost of
      Now I am ready to live happily ever after, at least until I want to
      move gain, which may never happen.
      I am not going to admit to how many $ I have in this thing, it is too
      Don't trust an amateur shipper.
      Remove such obvious weak points as handles that are easily broken.
      Don't unnecesarily complicate things (if I had let my mover take care
      of it, I would have been better off, even financially as it turned
      Buy cut stock!
      By the way, I would be willing to sell at least two of the extra
      blades if anyone is interested—they are in good shape.
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