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  • Martyn Ould
    When I said to give a pharmaceutical of over 8.5 I meant of course a pH of over 8.5 . For reasons I needn t go into, I have ph as an autocorrection for
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2002
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      When I said 'to give a pharmaceutical of over 8.5' I meant of course a 'pH
      of over 8.5'. For reasons I needn't go into, I have 'ph' as an
      autocorrection for 'pharmaceutical' in Word . . . .

      Best wishes, Martyn Ould

      The Old School Press

      I wrote . . .
      I'm in the UK so my supplier of blotting boards is John Purcell Papers.
      According to their catalogue it is a 315gsm machine made cotton content
      blotting paper buffered with calcium carbonate to give a pharmaceutical over
      8.5 with high thickness to weight ratio. I pay about USD0.70 for a 610mm by
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